Mountain Bike Trends

1. Mountain Bike Trends 2023: What’s New in the Market?

Mountain biking is always evolving, but that progression isn’t always linear.

2. Win a Mondraker Chrono Carbon! !summer prizes

Just answer one question and this beautiful Mondraker Chrono Carbon watch will be yours.

3. New Orbea Rise: lighter weight, higher integration and greater autonomy

Orbea’s Rise has taken its frame to the next level with a new Shimano EP801 RS motor and more standard battery options (360 Wh or 540 Wh).

4. Mondraker NEAT: Mondraker’s first lightweight electric mountain bike

Mondraker joins brands seeing a new market niche in the e-MTB Light, debuting the Neat, which combines some of the brand’s most successful concepts and goes hand in hand with the brand’s new suspension technology.

5. FSA KFX SIC handlebar stem combination

Impressive FSA carbon rod set with the ability to hide all the wiring, we can see this on some of the best XCO gear.

6. How, when and why.Our Guide to Bike Lubrication

Unfortunately, a bicycle that doesn’t require lubrication has yet to be invented. Moving elements such as shafts, cables, chains create friction and require regular lubrication.

7. 3 signs you need to change your tires

Unlike cars, bicycle tires don’t have wear indicators, so we have to look for other indicators.

8. What pain indicates that you are wearing the wrong saddle?

There are two very typical types of pain that occur when the saddle is ridden too high or too low.

9. Tubeless: 9 Tips to Get the Most Out of Tubeless

Make full use of the skills of using tubeless tires…

10. Fear of losing control? 2 tips to avoid it

If the front wheel of your bike tends to slip, especially in dry weather, try the following tips to avoid hitting the ground.

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