Mourinho and Roma without confidence

Return to Mourinho. Trainer Rome he returned to Italy from Lisbon disembarkation at Ciampino together with your trusted employee Nuno Santos.

With a rested face, a toothy smile, a T-shirt, sunglasses and a white hat, Mourinho did not shy away from selfies from fans and questions from reporters present.

Mourinho dribbles in the transfer market

“I’m ready, I’m always ready, I’m not a fan of vacations because I prefer to work. market? I’m not expecting any gifts, I’m just thinking about making a contribution starting Monday morning at 8am. Trigoria Special One debuted.

Mourinho then focused on rumors regarding Dybala AND Mora: “I don’t know anything about Dybala’s contract, but obviously I talk to him the same way as everyone else. I’m not talking about Morata and the transfer market, I’m just talking about my players. I’m not sorry for Frattesi’s no-show. I repeat, I am not talking about players who are not in Roma.”.

Mourinho and sarcasm over a ten-match ban

Mourinho’s comment on the offense Ten-match Serie A ban for business Chieffi. Mourinho confirmed: “Yes, they demanded a public apology from me. The disqualification did not surprise me. In August, instead of sitting on the bench in this heat, I will be comfortable with air conditioning…”.

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