Movie employees contact Taylor Swift fans about Eras concert film

Title: Taylor Swift fans urged to behave decently during screening of her concert film

Following the success of Taylor Swift: The Era Tour, theater staff are warning Taylor Swift fans to behave during the screening of her concert film, urging them not to treat it like a stadium tour or shout lyrics. The huge success of Taylor Swift’s concert film is already affecting the schedules of other films, with some films changing their release dates to avoid competition with Swift’s film. The concert film is expected to achieve box office records, potentially earning over $100 million in the United States, surpassing the current record of Justin Bieber’s concert documentary.

Amid growing hype for Taylor Swift: A Tour of Eras, movie theater employees are taking to social media to warn Taylor Swift fans what to expect in theaters. Thanks to record sales, Swift’s tour will be shown in theaters as a concert documentary. His earthquake performances were so popular that he decided to partner with AMC Theaters to release the concert in cinematic form starting October 13th.

While acknowledging the need to watch the Taylor Swift Eras Tour, TikTok user Jade Davina (@0pen_d00rs_) asks Swift fans to behave appropriately at the movies and stresses that moviegoers should not treat the experience like a stadium tour and avoid shouting song lyrics . .

While Davina noted that singers were expected to participate, she asked participants to “read the atmosphere” and be aware that soundproofing between adjacent theaters could only provide a certain barrier of isolation. However, theater staff will be primarily responsible for dealing with any noise complaints from other moviegoers.

Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour is scaring off October releases in the film world. For example, the Blumhouse-produced Exorcist: The Believer was originally scheduled to be released on October 13 (spawning the Barbenheimer-inspired “Exorswift” hashtag), but Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum announced that the release date would be moved to October 6 to avoid conflicting with Swift’s film. Craig Gillespie’s Dumb Money also followed suit, moving its wide release from October 6 to September 29.

Based on ticket sales data, box office projections for Swift’s concert film suggest the film will reach a major milestone. The film is estimated to earn over $100 million in the United States, the highest figure a concert documentary has ever achieved. The record is currently held by the 2011 film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Again, which grossed $73 million.

Since Taylor Swift: A Tour of Eras hits theaters on October 13, audiences will be able to watch it Thursday through Sunday until November 5. Given the immediate support, additional dates may be announced in the future to allow more audiences to see Swift on her hugely successful tour.

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