Movie Time of the apocalypse with Anne Hathaway: plot, cast and release

Armageddon TimeItalian title The time of the apocalypse, also arrives in Italian cinemas. Presented in competition at Cannes, the movie Of James Gray see in starring Anne HathawayJeremy Strong, Jaylin Webb, Anthony Hopkins, Banks Repeat.

Armageddon Time – The time of the apocalypse, the plot of the film

The film is partly autobiographical and is set in the 1980s in Queens, New York, between New Jersey and Fresh Meadows, where Gray grew up. Against the backdrop of the Reagan era, the protagonist is a young American Jew – his friendship with his African American schoolmate will mark a period of open rebellion within the family and school context.

On the first day of school, Paul Graff befriends Johnny. They have fun together, but it’s always Johnny who is severely punished by the teacher. Paul is related to his maternal grandfather who encourages him to pursue artistic talent, unlike his parents.

The paths of the two boys split momentarily when Paul is sent to study in a private institute, while Johnny abandons public school. However their friendship will continue defying prejudices.

Armageddon Time – Il tempo dell’apocalypse, reviews and box office

The film garnered good reviews, but failed at the US box office when it hit theaters last November. Interviewed by GQ, James Gray (Ad Astra) declared on the meager receipts compared to the production budget: “Commercially the film was a failure”, reflecting on the fact that it was a result to be contextualized with current times: “We’re in a situation where literally every one of these movies that aren’t in as many franchises isn’t doing well, and in a way, that’s the great equalizer.”

Armageddon Time – The time of the apocalypse, movie release

Armageddon Time – Il tempo dell’apocalypse is expected in Italian cinemas on March 23, 2023.

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