movie trailer, from August 31 in cinemas!

Genomic films he opened up italian trailer Nina Volkov, next in Italian cinemas August 31 after its world premiere on 30 August in Venice as a special opening by Giornate degli Autori.

The trailer reveals the atmosphere of this dystopian fantasy thriller filmed and co-written with Antonio Pisu – who returns to directing after the award-winning EST – “Last Minute Dictatorship 2020” – and introduces us to the film’s characters for the first time, played by an important cast: the protagonists are actually Sergio Rubini, Sara Chokka, Sandra Ceccarelli and Cesare Bocci AND David Silvestri. Also in the cast Tiziana Foschi, Caterina Gabanella and Fabio Ferrari and Paolo Rossi Pisu.

Nina Volkov based on the author’s 2011 Strega Award nominated novel of the same name. Alexander Bertante (Ship Theseus Elisabetta Sgarbi, whose new release will be published with a cover and a special band for the release of the film)AND Annapaola Fabbri, Tiziana Foschi, Pierpaolo De Mejo it is the same Antonio Pisu they signed the script; produced Genomic films From Paolo Rossi Pisu starring microphonein collaboration with Film Commission of Trentinostarring Produced by JCG BITS and with Edward Possatisupported by Municipalities of Ala and Vallarsa and made with the support Lazio Region – Regional Film and Audiovisual Fund.

Filming took place in Trentino, and the production received certification green film, a protocol developed and promoted by the Trentino Film Commission that encourages environmental sustainability in audiovisual production. Genoma Films also collaborates with MULM University for the production of the film, providing students of the Master’s program “Television, Film and New Media” with the opportunity to undergo an internship on the set during the entire filming period. An IULM student who is still a student (in his second year of MA) has effectively joined Principal Antonio Pis as a trainee principal.

Film cover done Carmela Sciortino on photos Andrea Miconiauthor of all stage and behind-the-scenes photos.


A sudden solar storm disables all electronic equipment across the planet. On the same day, a newborn girl named Nina is found on a mountain near a small remote town. After a cataclysmic and mysterious atmospheric event, which everyone calls “catastrophe”, civilization as we know it collapses, resources become scarce and everywhere, and the law of the strongest prevails among people. However, in this desolation, Nina’s city miraculously remains a separate world, its few inhabitants live without technology, and Nina grows up with a strong connection to nature that even she herself cannot understand and due to which many see her as a witch due to strange phenomena. taking place in her presence. But when a gang of marauders invades the country, brutally massacring the population and subjugating the survivors, Nina, now a teenager, will be able to escape into the forest, learn how to survive in the mountains and coexist with wolves, and understand the powers she has inside. himself to save his people.

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