Movie Uncharted: why Mark Wahlberg was replaced as Nathan Drake?


The next film adaptation of Uncharted still giving a lot to talk about; and is that the recent news of the confirmation of Antonio Banderas the cast of the film along with other names and the direction of the film by Ruben Fleischer (Venom), now the actor Mark Wahlberg he explained the reasons that led him to become a candidate for interpret Nathan Drake to play Sully, your mentor, and give way to a younger version of Nate in charge of Tom HollandPeter Parker/Spider-Man in Marvel Studios.

“The age does not forgive”, says Wahlberg

As well, and through a recent interview with the middle Colliderthe actor Mark Wahlberg has justified the dancing roles of the movie in the last few years, going to be Nathan Drake, the protagonist, to Victor “Sully” Sullivan, the inseparable friend of Nate along not a few adventures from Naughty Dog.

Movie Uncharted: why Mark Wahlberg was replaced as Nathan Drake?

“I was stuck for years and years to play Nathan Drake, and now I’m playing Sully,” says Wahlberg to Collider. “Even with The Fighter, there was a clock by ‘ticking’. It was that biological clock. We have to get going quickly,” concludes the actor, alluding to the passing of the years and the potential loss of roles if the project does not finish booting time.

The Nathan Drake we all know from video games PlayStation has an approximate age between 30 and 40 years; on the contrary, Mark Wahlberg already has 48 years old. And is that with the various delays over the past few years, their leaders have finally opted for a Nate younger with the actor Tom Hollandpassing Wahlberg to be his mentor in the role of Sully.

The movie of Uncharted is scheduled to premiere next March 5, 2021.

Source | Comicbook