Movies and series that can be seen on July 14 on TV

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Darren Aronofsky guides Russell Crowe as Biblical Patriarch Noah in the 2014 film Noahon the air RaiMovie (Channel 24) at 21.10. God chooses Noah to be in charge of building an ark capable of holding all the animals of the earth and avoiding the terrible impending flood. Cast Jennifer Connelly AND Anthony Hopkinsthe latter as Methuselah.


From the producers of the phenomenon bird box, which in 2018 scared viewers around the world with its story starring Sandra Bullock. fits Netflix Science fiction Bird Box: Barcelona, an expansion of the universe set in a Spanish city. When a mysterious force wipes out the world’s population, Sebastian must embark on a survival journey on the deserted streets of Barcelona. As he forges uneasy alliances with other survivors and makes his way to the sanctuary, a threat emerges far more sinister than the creatures have ever seen.


Chris is a young Irishman, handsome and confident. A tennis teacher, he has the opportunity to give lessons to the noble and wealthy members of the Hewitt family. Greed, questionable morality and randomness underlie Match Points From Woody Allen With Jonathan Rhys Meyers AND Scarlett Johanssonon the air Iris (channel 22) at 21.


On Prime Video first three episodes of the second season available Summer in your eyes, a series with Lola Tang, Christopher Briney, Gavin Casalegno, Sean Kaufman and Rain Spencer. A story of several generations about the life and love of three young people on vacation, between family, friendship, joys and sorrows.


Saturday, July 15 at Italia1 at 21:20. Back to the Futurethe first part of a highly successful 1985 science fiction trilogy directed by Robert Zemeckisproduced Steven Spielbergstarring a young man Michael J. Foxas high school student Marty McFly who travels through time thanks to a machine designed by his friend Doc Sunday, July 16, on Iris (Channel 22) at 21 Bachelor From Michael Nichols which won the Academy Award for Best Director, and Dustin Hoffman Golden Globe for Best Actor. The 1967 film follows Benjamin Braddock, the scion of a wealthy American family, who returns home after graduation and falls in love with a girl, only to end up seduced by her mother (Ann Bancroft). For fans Beavis and Butt-head on Paramount+ new episodes featuring two animated boys (born in the nineties) who have voices in the second season of the reboot series J-axis and a young rapper shades.

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