Movies and series to watch on August 7 on TV

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Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez they return to the small screen to investigate a new murder case, this time behind the scenes of a Broadway show. On Disney+ there is a third season Only murders in the building. In these new ten episodes, the untimely death of Hollywood action star Ben Glenroy (Paul Rudd) in his theatrical debut sets the three in motion, assisted by Loretta Durkin, ie. Meryl Streep.


Arrives at the first TV on Sky Cinema One (Sky Channel 301) at 21.15 and live Now, What is love?, Best Comedy at Rome Film Fest 2022. Romantic film directed by Shekhar Kapur starring Lily James, Emma Thompson AND Shazad Latifftells of two childhood friends in their early thirties who have to deal with the cultural traditions of their families, but also and above all in terms of love.


Alex Owens works as a welder by day and a dancer at a nightclub with dreams of attending the Pittsburgh Dance Academy. On Network4 at 21.25 twenty-year-old debutant Jennifer Beals is the main character flashdanceone of the most iconic films of the eighties of the director Adrian Linewritten by Thomas Headley and Joe Esterhas, with an Academy Award winning song. What a feelingwritten by Giorgio Moroder and interpreted by Irene Cara.


Nine at 21.40 offers a comedy Alessandro Siani Miracles are acceptedV. The Neapolitan actor plays Fulvio, a man who, in order to raise money for his parish priest brother, who manages the family home that is about to close, performs a false miracle, thereby attracting crowds of visitors and believers, as well as the envy of the neighboring country. In the cast Fabio De Luigi, Serena Autieri, Ana Caterina Morariu AND John Esposito.


On Twenty seven (Channel 27) at 23.10 Comedy Mike Nichols 1988, winner of six Golden Globes and an Oscar for best song (“Let the River Flow” by Carly Simon), careeristWith Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford AND Sigourney Weaver. Tess McGill is Katherine Parker’s secretary who steals her idea without giving it enough credit. When the manager ends up in the hospital with an injured leg, Tess decides it’s time to get revenge by first stealing her job and then the man.

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