Movies and series to watch on August 8 on TV

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Steve Martin, Martin Short AND Selena Gomez they return to the small screen to investigate a new murder case, this time behind the scenes of a Broadway show. On Disney+ there is a third season Only murders in the building. In these new ten episodes, the untimely death of Hollywood action star Ben Glenroy (Paul Rudd), making his debut in the theater, put into action the three of us, who will be helped by Loretta Durkin, namely Meryl Streepnew entry in the series.


On Sky Cinema Suspense at 21 and also available via streaming on Nowwill be transferred exorcisthorror masterpiece 1974 director William Friedkinswho went missing on 7 August. In the film, which won two Oscars and four Golden Globes, a very young girl plays the main role. Linda Blair, like a little girl possessed by the devil, for whose salvation a priest (Max von Sydow) is called. On Sky Cinema Art At 22.20 a documentary film by Alexander O. Philip is scheduled to be shown. Inside the Mind of an Exorcist – Confessions of William Friedkinwhich explores the depths of the director’s mind and the mysteries of fate that have shaped his life and career.


Love, tensions, friendships, disagreements intertwine on the island of Ventotene, where two groups of holidaymakers live side by side, very different from each other in terms of political ideas and cultural backgrounds. Paolo Virzi directs an ensemble cast Silvio Orlando To Laura Morantefrom Sabrina Ferilli To Ennio FantasticiniV august holidays1996 comedy, aired on Cinema34 at 21, about which the Tuscan director is preparing a sequel that will hit theaters next season.


Paolo is hit by a truck as it stops at a traffic light. Arriving in Paradise, he discovers that he has the opportunity to return to Earth accompanied by an angel for an hour and thirty-two minutes. pif AND Tony they are the main characters of the drama Moments of insignificant happinessdirector Daniel Luchetti and a film adaptation of two novels written by Francis Small, co-author of the film. On Paradise2 at 21.20.


Alessio Maria Federici adapt the novel Diego DeSilvain comedy 2017 Amber Angiolini AND Peter Sermontion the air A5 (channel 30) at 23:10. IN Couples therapy for lovers Viviana and Modesto are married and have children, but with others. However, their relationship as lovers is so jaded that they decide to go to couples therapy in an attempt to salvage the relationship.


Seoul has become a zombie universe and a group of competitors must complete dangerous missions to survive. On Netflix he arrives zombieversenot a classic series, but a reality show where a number of Korean celebrities have to test themselves and face a hypothetical undead apocalypse.

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