Movies and series worth watching on August 24 on TV

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A coming-of-age drama based on Norse mythology and expanding on it from a new perspective. It pops up Netflix third season Ragnarok, a series set in the small fictional town of Edda, Norway, where some residents may not be who they say they are. The world is being shaken by radical changes such as melting polar ice caps, warm winters and severe flooding. Someone needs to intervene in time before disaster strikes.


Gerard Butler is a CIA covert ops agent in kandahar, action thriller available online Prime video. A man and his Afghan interpreter must escape deadly forces as they flee Iran after an informant reveals that an agent has destroyed a nuclear facility.


Steven Spielberg guides Leonardo DiCaprio AND Tom Hanks in comedy try to catch mebroadcast on Twenty seven at 21.10. An FBI agent is on the trail of a young cross-dressing genius who has managed to swindle over six million dollars through various scams, posing as a different person each time.


On TV2000 (Channel 28) at 20.54 is imitation game, about the life of the English mathematician Alan Turing, considered one of the fathers of information technology and modern computers. Film directed by Morten Tildum and starring Benedict Cumberbatchtraces the biography of the genius of the twentieth century up to his premature and tragic death.


Lorenzo Surzolo, Saul Nanni, Ludovica Martino AND Fotini Peluso some of the young heroes Under the Riccione suncomedy of generations, dir. You are crazy! and broadcast to Channel 5 at 21.21. While vacationing on the beaches of the Romagna coast, some guys make friends and fall in love.


Harrison Ford this is the (fictitious) US President James Marshall Board number one, on Reta 4 at 21.25. On the way back from Moscow, a squad of Kazakh terrorists boards an American presidential plane, demanding the release of the Russian general and threatening to kill the hostage every half an hour if not. Bad guy Gary Oldman.


On Sky (Channel 26) at 21.25 is Wasabiaction movie with Jean Reno, written and produced by Luc Besson. After the death of his ex-girlfriend, a French cop runs into a Yakuza while meeting a daughter he didn’t even know existed.

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