Movies and series worth watching on September 4th on TV

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Alberto Colombo, a postmaster living in Brianza, is transferred to run the post office in the small town of Castellabate. Postman Mattia and his colleagues welcome the man puzzled by the situation with open arms, and they begin to appreciate the beauty and customs of the place. tonight Channel 5 airing at 21:20 Welcome to the southdirector Luca Miniero and with the main characters Alessandro Siani AND Claudio Bisio. good remake Down northmanaged to collect almost 30 million euros at the Italian box office.


A7 at 21.15 offers Anna and the king1999 biopic Jodie Foster AND Chow Yun-Fat based on the story of Anna Leonovens, who worked as a teacher in Siam in the mid-nineteenth century, where she moved to live with her teenage son. In Bangkok, she agreed to become the mentor of 58 children, his official wife and concubines of King Mongkut, whom people revere as a god.


Mel Gibson – the main character of the funny comedy Nancy Meyers, what women want what women wantscheduled for TV8 at 21.20. Nick Marshall is a successful publicist, but his confidence is suddenly reduced when a new colleague steals his creative director job from him. However, thanks to an accident, Nick acquires a gift: to read women’s thoughts. In the cast Helen Hunt AND Marisa Tome.


At the age of five, Saru Indian lost his brother at the railway station in Calcutta. Unable to get over what happened, at the age of 25 he decides to find a way to rediscover his biological family. Garth Davis directing Del Patel AND Nicole Kidman V Lion Way Homebroadcast on Iris (channel 22) at the age of 21. The film received six Oscar nominations, four Golden Globes and won two BAFTAs.


Inspired by Dan Buettner’s book of the same name, one of the top 10 shows is coming to Netflix. Blue zones: the secrets of longevity. In four episodes, a renowned National Geographic explorer travels around the world to discover five unique communities where people live unusually long and colorful lives.

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