Movies and TV series to watch this summer!

Summer is coming and with it comes new series and new movies. But let’s be clear, we’re not here to talk about that – or at least not only – but about TV series and movies featuring summer panoramas! Why? What a question, because it’s going to be easier to travel to unknown places from the comfort of your own home couch – or even in bed – while watching the weather we’re experiencing on screen. Especially in these months when work has not left us completely alone yet. And who knows, maybe it will give you some ideas for your vacation! So are you ready to read our tips? Whether you’re alone or in company, get started with our suggestions of movies and series for summer!

movies for summer

Let’s start with a recent movie, royal in heaven And already the name, it’s all a program. After breaking up with her ex and looking for inspiration for her next novel, Olivia decides to take a vacation to a tropical paradise. Here she will meet Alexandre, apparently a handsome man with whom she will fall in love. Too bad she doesn’t know he’s a prince and he’s already destined to have a princess. Let’s go for something old, but always in fashion, 4 friends and a pair of jeans Among other things, the cast includes two very young celebrities, Alexis Bledel and Blake Lively, who were then on the rise. The film tells the story of four childhood friends who spend the first summer apart. However they decide to share a “lucky” pair of jeans which they will send to each other and take turns wearing once. Do you think there is a sequel to the movie too! the last summer With KJ Apa and Maia Michel. Two love-struck teens who spend their last summer together before heading off to college. But a well-planned separation will do no less harm. from my window Definitely a pink background movie, young adult genre, inspired by the books by Ariana Goode. Among other things, it will be available from June 28 From My Window 2 – Beyond the Sea. In view of the novel The Rest – Summer taken from the books, we tell you Is it my fault? Released yesterday on Prime Video. The film tells the story of Noah, whose mother remarries a billionaire. The life change will be painful, especially since she will have to live under the same roof with her “beloved half-brother”, Nick.

summer tv series

now let’s go to the tv series and start cruel Summer A thriller-mystery that will tell the complicated story of two teenagers, Janet and Kate. The narrative shows two different timelines, in the present, Janet is accused of impersonating Kate’s kidnapper. But many secrets and lies will come to light. the first episodes of have been out for a few days scorching heat 2With a new cast and a new story. I know what you Did This is a series in a similar style to the previous ones, but much bloodier. Two twins are opposite to each other, one evening one of them dies and the culprit is… well you find out for yourself. welcome to eden Less gore, but a thriller nonetheless. Welcome to Eden is a series consisting of 2 seasons. A group of youths are invited to try a new drink on Paradise Island, but 5 of them never get to go.


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