Movies and TV series worth watching on TV on September 11th

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Henry Golding a killer who is asked to kill seven people around the world in Murder Clubaction film directed by Camille Delamarre will be released Sky Cinema One at 21.25, rise Sky Cinema Action at 21:45 and broadcast on Now. In the film, which also stars Sam Neill, Daniela Melchior and Noomi Rapace, the protagonist learns that his victims are also assassins hired to kill him.


On Italy 1 at 21:20 Scarlett Johansson AND Lucyin the 2014 film directed by Luc Besson. A girl is forced by her boyfriend to hand over a briefcase to one of her business partners, after which she is attacked by a group of criminals with the goal of forcing her to become a drug courier. A gang surgically implants a packet of a chemical into a young girl’s body, which unexpectedly gives her some kind of superpower.


And always up Italy 1 at 23:10 Charlize Theron this turns into Blonde atomic. Set during the Cold War, the Oscar-winning actress plays one of Britain’s secret service MI6’s deadliest spies who is sent to Berlin on an impossible mission.


On TV8 at 21:30 Kevin Costner takes on the role Robin Hood Prince of Thieves in Kevin Reynolds’ 1991 version. Robin Loxley returns from the Crusades to find his kingdom usurped by the arrogant Sheriff of Nottingham who murdered his father. He then decides to recruit a group of rebels to fight the tyrant and take back what is his.


To protect an eight-year-old girl, a killer reunites with her mother, also a professional killer, to defeat a secret society of powerful people called “The Firm.” On Paradise 2 action thriller on first television at 21:20 Gunpowder milkshake Navot Papushado with Karen Gillan, Joanna Bobin, Freya Allan and Lena Headey about three generations of women fighting against those who took everything from them.

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