Movies can be seen on Wednesday 21st June in prime time and late evening

What movies are on TV tonight? here is our The Complete TV Guide with the Best Movies Air tonight, Wednesday 21st June 2023, prime and late evening on main free-to-air TV channels with plot, cast and trailer.

  • green book (drama, comedy) Aired at 21.10 on Rai MovieA film by Peter Farrelly, starring Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali, Linda Cardellini, Don Stark, PJ Byrne, Sebastian Maniskelko, Brian Stepanek and Nick Vallelonga.

    film plotThe film tells the story of bouncer Tony Lipp (Viggo Mortensen), an Italian-American who is hired as a driver in 1962 by one of the world’s most famous jazz pianists, Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali). was laid. Objective? Take him from New York to the Southern states, places where civil rights for African Americans were far from being legally achieved.
    Shirley relies on the Negro Motorist Green Book for travel: a map of motels, restaurants, and gas stations where African Americans are also welcome. While dealing with racism as well as the humanity of the people they meet, Lip and Shirley must first learn to know and respect each other…

  • Sherlock Holmes (Yellow) Aired at 21.20 on Italia 1A film by Guy Ritchie, starring Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, Mark Strong, Eddie Marsan, Kelly Reilly, James Fox, Hans Matheson, Robert Stone, William Hope, Robert Maillet, David Garrick, William Houston and Terry Have done Taplin.

    film plot: Sherlock Holmes, and his partner Dr. John Watson, are on the trail of a man who murdered young women using black magic. The two, managing to disrupt a ritual before the murder, discover that the celebrant is Lord Blackwood and with the help and intervention of Inspector Lestrade and the police, they capture and arrest him. Three months later, Watson becomes engaged to Mary Morston and moves out of 221B Baker Street, where he lived with Holmes, in the hope that he will never again have to face his whims.
    Meanwhile, Blackwood, who has been sentenced to hang, demands to see Holmes, warning him of three more unstoppable deaths that will bring great changes to the world…

  • The Amazing Story of the Winter Dolphin (Family) Aired on Twenty Seven at 21.10A film by Charles Martin Smith, starring Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson, Harry Connick Jr., Ray McKinnon, Nathan Gamble, Russ Blackwell, Mark Macaulay, Frances Sternhagen, Jim Fitzpatrick, Austin Stowell, Richard Libertini and Mike Pniewski Is.

    film plot: The film tells the story of Sawyer Nelson, a young boy who spends his days riding a bicycle on the beach. One day he discovers that there is something on the shore: a dolphin trapped in a crab trap. The animal is injured and needs to be saved. In charge of this is Clay Haskett, who directs the Clearwater Marine Hospital. Their daughter Hazel decided to name the mammal Winter. When Sawyer asks to see him, the doctor is reluctant because he knows the boy has not been trained to interact with these types of animals. However, Winter seems genuinely happy to see her and this removes any doubts from Haskett who agrees to visit. The little boy, however, gets carried away and instead of going to summer school, he prefers to visit the dolphins every day. Although Lorraine, his mother, does not take his behavior well at all, she understands that this new friendship has a positive effect on her son and so agrees to have him volunteer at Clearwater Marine Hospital. . Everything gets complicated when Winter has to cut off her tail. That’s when Sawyer seeks help from Dr. McCarthy (Morgan Freeman) who has a crazy but brilliant idea…

  • final confession (dramatic) Aired at 21.30 on Warner TVA film by Keith Gordon, starring Nick Nolte, Alan Arkin, Bernard Behrens, Frankie Faison, Kirsten Dunst, Zach Grenier, Arie Gross, Sherrill Lee, Gerard Parks, Norman Rodeway, Velesta Vrana, and Anna Berger.

    film plot: Berlin 1939. Howard J. Campbell is an American playwright who is well-loved in Germany, happily married to an attractive German woman, and well-acquainted in the higher military and political circles of Nazi power. Under this jealous cover, a mysterious US Secret Service emissary convinces him to become fifth column inside enemy headquarters. Totally devoted to this mission, Campbell agrees to be exploited by the Nazi regime as the standard bearer of a new Aryan America and, at the same time, to pay the price at home for a campaign that will expose him as a traitor. Brands in … Returning across the Atlantic after the war, having miraculously escaped death in the defeat of Hitler’s power, he must deal with this new burdensome public image: in an obsessive grip on those among Caught who continue to brand him Nazi war crimes and who try to raise him as the standard bearer of the good old days. ,

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