Movies in the cinema to watch in August 2023

August is also getting ready to be a month full of wonderful movie in the cinema! If necessary, we at come to your rescue by compiling a calendar with all the releases, from the most anticipated titles to possible revelations, inviting you to invade Italian cinemas between a swim and an aperitif on the beach.

The most anticipated films in the cinema

Oppenheimer, one of the most anticipated films in cinema
Oppenheimer, one of the most anticipated films in cinema

The program is one of the important, ready to satisfy every taste. A return to the work of great authors is expected, as well as the opportunity to see unforgettable films again. So, the most anticipated films of August!

Oppenheimer (August 23)

Long awaited new film Christopher Nolan. One month after international release Oppenheimer also lands in Italy, avoiding a box office duel with Barbie. The story of the inventor of the atomic bomb, played by Cillian Murphy, his internal conflicts, his love life and the inevitable element of time, so dear to the director. A film that has already been highly acclaimed abroad, and which will certainly become the main character of the next awards season.

Blue Beetle (August 17)

After an unsatisfactory screening of The Flash in theaters, new course DC Studios led by James Gunn is trying to get back on track by introducing a new hero. blue beetle is the alter ego of young Jaime Reyes, who, upon coming into contact with an alien artifact, becomes the bearer of the essence of the Scarab, endowed with shining armor and incredible abilities.

Haunted House movie in theaters August 23

Remake of the 2003 film of the same name starring Eddie Murphy. ghost house comes alive from Disney attraction. A spooky adventure featuring a priest, psychic, professor and paranormal investigator. The cast consists of a rich cast including Owen Wilson, Winona Ryder, Rosario Dawson, Jared Leto, Jamie Lee Curtis and the great Danny DeVito.

Jeanne du Barry – “The King’s Favorite” (August 30)

Opening film of the 76th Cannes Film Festival, as well as a comeback Johnny Depp after a grueling process with ex-wife Amber Heard. Jeanne du Barry tells the story of the ascent of Marie-Jeanne Becou, ​​played by director Maiwenn, at the court of Versailles, becoming the favorite of King Louis XV.

Passages (August 17)

Presented at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. Passages it’s a love triangle that hides so much more inside, starring rising German actor Franz Rogowski, Ben Whishaw and Adele Exarchopoulos, the famous protagonist of the Palme d’Or movie. Adel’s life. Director Ira Sachs, you can restore our preview linked to an interesting interview with the director.

The Equalizer 3: Denzel Washington returns with film in theaters August 30

Antoine Fuqua is always present in the control room, but above all, the eternal Denzel Washington reimagining former CIA agent and Marine Robert McCall. Equalizer 3 continues the story that began with Avenger and continue with Without forgiveness. Secluded in a small village in southern Italy, McCall will once again have to take action to protect the citizens from the control of a local mafia boss.

Shark 2 – Abyss (August 3)

Action, adventure, adrenaline and megalodons. Shark 2 – Abyss is a sequel to the 2018 film First sharkalways starring Jason Statham. Diver and deep-sea explorer Jonas Tylor fights a dangerous operation to find an ocean trench that has preserved a pristine ecosystem.

I am your father (August 24)

The action takes place during the First World War. I am your father follows the ups and downs of Senegalese soldier Bakary Diallo, who joins the French army for his seventeen-year-old son, who is also recruited against his will. Presented at the 75th Cannes Film Festival as the opening title of the “Special Guard” section, the star of the film Omar See.

Brother and sister (August 3)

Louis and Alice respectively Melville Pupo and Marion Cotillard, two brothers who have avoided each other for over twenty years. He is a poet, she is an actress, but an unpleasant event forces them to meet and talk after a long time. “Brother and Sister” is directed by Arnaud Desplechin and after being released in France from May 20, 2022 in connection with the presentation in Cannes, it will appear in Italian cinemas from August 3.

Studio Ghibli Movies: My Neighbor Totoro (August 10)

The review continues, revisiting some of the most beautiful films Japanese master Hayao Miyazaki. fourth name My Neighbor Totoro (1988), which features the creature that has become the symbol of the Japanese production house. A fresh story in which the author presents many topics dear to him, which will also be touched upon in the future.

The Wind Rises (August 24)

This is the last film directed by Hayao Miyazaki at the moment and indeed it should have ended his career, but this title will probably go to How are you doing?. 2014 Best Animated Feature nominee, The Wind Rises closes the Ghibli review and tells the story of Jiro Horikoshi, aeronautical engineer between the first and second world wars. The film also has a hint of Italy, so beloved by the director.

Movies to Movies: The Next, Nolan’s Debut (August 23)

Simultaneously with Christopher Nolan’s last film directorial debut British author. Written and edited by himself, next a low-budget film featuring an aspiring writer who, in search of inspiration for his work, starts stalking passers-by until he meets a thief who lures him into his business.

Dunkirk (7 August)

Three different points of view, three different environments: land, air and sea. The revival of Nolan films on the occasion of Oppenheimer’s debut continues with Dunkirk, which won 3 Oscars. While trying to maintain strong realism as much as possible, while also taking advantage of vintage vehicles, the film tells a story. Operation Dynamoalso known as the Dunkirk evacuation which took place in 1940.

Cannibal Holocaust (August 21)

One of the most controversial films due to its rawness and overt violence, so much so that it was heavily censored. A group of four American reporters travel to the Amazon forest with the intention of making a documentary about the indigenous tribes, but have apparently disappeared and an anthropologist professor is looking for them. Roger Diodatusthe director, who died last December, analyzes contemporary society using found footage techniques.

Operation Three Dragons (August 14)

Fifty years after the release and the loss of the main character. Bruce Leethe cult that has consecrated martial artists in the West as well is back in theaters. Operation Three Dragons it’s almost an actor’s testimonial that led to his greatest commercial success and was even included in the list of films to be preserved by the National Film Registry.

Complete calendar of films in the cinema for August 2023

Xolo Mariduen as Blue Beetle in new DC movie
Xolo Mariduen as Blue Beetle in new DC movie
  • August 3rd – black bits
  • August 3rd – Brother and sister
  • August 3rd – Shark 2 – Abyss
  • August 7 – Dunkirk
  • 10th of August – Demeter – Dracula’s Awakening
  • 10th of August – Pamfirian oath
  • 10th of August – My Neighbor Totoro
  • August 14 – Worst days
  • August 14 – Operation Three Dragons
  • August 17 – blue beetle
  • August 17 – Passages
  • August 17 – Own room
  • August 19 – Metallica – M72 World Tour
  • August 21 – Cannibal Holocaust
  • August 23 – next
  • August 23 – ghost house
  • August 23 – Oppenheimer
  • 24 August – like turtles
  • 24 August – I am your father
  • 24 August – beautiful summer
  • 24 August – Long term
  • 24 August – Hope Red
  • 24 August – The wind is getting stronger
  • 24 August – volkins
  • August 30 – Jeanne du Barry – favorite of the king
  • August 30 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Mutant Chaos
  • August 30 – Equalizer 3 – No Respite
  • August 30 – Dangerous Comedy
  • August 31 – serial liar
  • August 31 – Conversations with other women
  • August 31 – Two brothers
  • August 31 – The oceans are the real continents.
  • August 31 – Taste of happiness
  • August 31 – Order of time
  • August 31 – Labor – Interdit aux chiens et aux italiens
  • August 31 – Nina Volkov
  • August 31 – Family portrait

This is a complete list of all films in theaters in the month of August. Which escort is more? What will be the first thing you go to see?

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