Movies of 2023: what to watch on streaming

Interview with Luca Guadagnino and Timothée Chalamet about bones and more

Season 2022-2023 was great movie season Italian and international, from the blockbuster Babylon (on Paramount+) to Spielberg’s soulful autobiography Fabelmans (Amazon Prime Video, Apple Tv), from cannibal love Bones and all Luca Guadagnino (Sky, Now Tv) eight mountains Felix Van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch (Amazon Prime Video, Sky, Now Tv). We’ve already told you about the latter, even for streaming releases (click on the movie title to find out more).

Let’s take a look at the other films we think have marked cinema this year the most – either visually or narratively – and where to find them on different platforms. Still waiting for the streaming release of some games like kidnapped Marco Bellocchio Like bestas Rodrigo Sorogoyen mon crime Francois Ozon, sun of the future Nanni Moretti WHALE Darren Aronofsky, here’s what to watch in the movie season that just ended.

It’s coming through Spirits of the island Martin McDonagh for Italian documentary Last stop before chocolate mountain Susanna Della Sala, before unedited Pearl Ti West with Mia Goth. Have good visions and happy August! #CosaVedere #InStreaming #IlMeglioDellaSeagioneCinematografica

Colin Farrell and donkey in a movie scene "Spirits of the island" Martin McDonagh (photo by Searchlight Pictures)

Colin Farrell and the donkey in an iconic scene from Martin McDonagh’s The Spirits of the Island (photo by Searchlight Pictures). For us, this is one of the best movies of the last movie season and not to be missed on streaming. From “Maigre” to the unpublished “Pearl”, we trace here the most interesting titles and where to find them on different platforms. Waiting for Rapito and Like Bestas, here’s what to watch this summer

Island Spirits by Martin McDonagh (2022)

On Disney+, Mediaset Infinity, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Rakuten TV

In a rural village on an Irish island, about a hundred years ago. A civil war rages in the distance. Colm (Brendan Gleeson) and Padraic (Colin Farrell) were lifelong friends. One day, the first tells the second that he is no longer going to talk to him and that his former friend will have to do the same. The second asks for an explanation, but the other does not seem to listen to the arguments. Indeed, despite his insistence, Colm makes it clear to Padraic that if he continues to talk to him, he will cut off his finger on his hand with every word addressed to him. Soon it will move from words to deeds …

Funny, eccentric, exciting and poetic work. A metaphor (never a “manifesto”) of the promiscuity of hatred. Martin McDonagh (Three billboards in Ebbing, Missouri) explores once again the beauty, ugliness and dark folds of the “human beast”.
Volpi Cup Colin Farrell at the Venice Film Festival and Osella for Best Screenplay. Nine Oscar nominations and no awards.

Maigret by Patrice Leconte (2022)

On Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Rakuten TV, Google Play,

Paris, 1950s. Inspector Maigret (Gerard Depardieu) is busy investigating the murder of an unnamed girl. Apparently, the young woman died from a series of stab wounds. No element allows her to be identified, neither her past nor her possible motive. In his research, the commissioner stumbles upon a young offender who closely resembles the victim in face and appearance. The meeting turns out to be the first step towards the truth, but it also awakens personal traumas from Maigret’s past…

From a novel Maigret and the Dead Girl (ed. Adelphi). Patricia Leconte (The Man from the Train) creates an essential and powerful work, like a story about Georges Simenon. There is a slow and growing development in the film, like a heavy and tired inspector in the center of the scene. Extraordinary Depardieu in one of his best recent interpretations. He often plays with alcohol-clouded eyes (Maigre’s indulgence in this tale in which he quits smoking).

Do not miss.

Armageddon Time – Apocalypse Time by James Gray (2022)

On Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Mediaset Infinity, Microsoft Store, Rakuten TV, Google Play

Queens, New York, 1980 Eleven-year-old Paul Graff (a good young man Banks Repeatlisten)) belongs to a family of Ukrainian Jews who emigrated to the United States. He attends public school without much success, where he has only one friend, black orphan boy Johnny Davis (Jaylene Webb). At home, Paul constantly quarrels with his older brother (Ryan Sell), and also has a conflict relationship with his father (Jeremy Strong) and mother (Ann Hataway). He has a good relationship only with his grandfather (Anthony Hopkins), who understands him like no other and teaches the values ​​of life.

When Paul is transferred to an expensive private school for the privileged, he will feel like he has lost his only peer friend…
After Kenneth BranaghBelfast) and Steven Spielberg (Fabelmans), an autobiographical account of the director’s childhood James Gray (Little Odessa, hosts of the night). Unlike the other two authors, Gray is not talking about “cinematic shocks” and cinephiles, but rather about his personal life preparation. In America, where Ronald Reagan is about to take office (next year), the distinction between rich and poor is getting more and more dire.

An American filmmaker manages to capture the faces, environments, identity and injustices of 1980s USA in a magnificent digital camera. An era that has affected our present …

“Disco Boy” by Giacomo Abbruzzese (2023)

On TEAMVision

The movie is currently streaming disco boy From James Abbruzzese, award in Berlin for the “best artistic contribution” to cinema Helene Luvar.

Alexei (Franz Rogowskivillain from Freaks) is a Belarusian boy who is trying to get to France with a friend. A fellow traveler dies while trying to cross the border. Alexey, an illegal immigrant without documents and exhausted by mourning, will be enrolled in the Foreign Legion. Man kills militant during mission in Nigeria to correct (Movement for the Liberation of the Niger Delta). In Paris, in a nightclub, he will meet the sister of the boy he killed…

First feature film by a documentary filmmaker James Abbruzzese it is a destabilizing and powerful portrait of some of today’s fringe figures. An illegal immigrant and an African guerrilla who will reappear as a ghost. These two seem to be mirror and at the same time opposite spirits. An intense, lively and disturbing first work. To a crazy soundtrack from the superstar of French electronic music Vitalik (Pascal Arbez-Nicolas).

“Pearl” by Tee West (2022)

On Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Microsoft Store, Google Play

We choose it among the “cinematic” titles of the year for its visual and aesthetic power, even if, unfortunately, it was never shown in theaters – in Italy -.
Presented out of competition at the Venice Film Festival 2022, not shown in our theaters, it is now visible on various platforms. Pearl From Ti Westquirky and disturbing prequel to XA sexy horror story (2022).

Texas, 1918 Young Pearl (my goth) lives on his parents’ farm with his paraplegic father and fanatical, stern, and very religious mother. The girl’s husband went to war in Europe and it is not known if he will ever return. Alone, stressed, and under the pressure of her insufferable mother’s orders, Pearl will begin to show multiple signs of mental imbalance, displaying a perverse pleasure in killing animals. When the opportunity presents itself to audition for the dance, the woman will regain the enthusiasm that seemed to have passed. However, the mother intends to forbid Pearl to participate …

A horror reimagining of classic cinema – not just musicals – of the past. From Stanley Donen’s Technicolor Cinema Wizard of Ozto the western wild trails by Ford. One of the most interesting, imaginative and imaginative films of 2022. Good, graceful and disturbing my goth as the main character.

Only for those who do not suffer from insomnia.

“Last Stop Before Chocolate Mountain” by Suzanne Della Sala (2022)

On ZaLabView

Italian documentary “d’America” ​​is now visible exclusively on the platform (upon registration) Last stop before chocolate mountain director Susanna Della Sala.

Presented at the Locarno Film Festival 2022 as one of ten candidates for David Donatello in the category “Best Documentary” talks about what Bombay Beach in California is today. Started as a luxury resort in the 1950s due to the pollution of Lake Salton, it has experienced an inexorable decline from the 1980s until today…

Author at his second job – after co-direction neolovism – demonstrates a rare aesthetic flair and the ability to focus on the ghost of the American dream gone to dust.
The name refers to the “Chocolate Mountains” in California.
For restless souls.

“Decision to leave” Park Chan-wook (2022)

On Air Sky, Now TV, Apple TV, Rakuten TV, Google Play

South Korea Detective Chan (Park Hae Il) finds himself investigating a strange case of a possible murder in a mountain village. The man fell from the mountain during the ascent and died instantly. Apparently, this is an accident, but the police suspect that the widow of the deceased, the charming Song (Tang Wei), a woman of Chinese descent. Chan, usually serious, impeccable and meticulous, begins to feel a very strong attraction to Sun…

South Korean author Park Chanuk (old boy) creates a work inspired by the atmosphere of Hitchcock (a woman suspected of murder becomes an object of desire). Between melodrama and thriller, one of the most intense love movies of the season.

Great photo Kim Ji Young.

Beautiful Morning by Mia Hansen-Löwe ​​(2022)

On Mubi, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Mediaset Infinity, Google Play

Presented at the last Quinzaine of the Cannes Film Festival, beautiful morning From Mia Hansen-Löwe tells the story of SandraLea Seydoux), a young woman who lives with her eight-year-old daughter and cares for her father, who suffers from a neurodegenerative disease. One day he meets an old friend Clement (Melville Pupo). The man is married, but Sandra starts a relationship with him…
Mia Hansen-Löwe (Upcoming events on Bergman Island), a French author of Austrian-Danish origin, creates a tense, modest and often disturbing portrait of a woman.

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extraordinary Seydou as the protagonist takes center stage. She is simultaneously a caring mother, a caring daughter, a lover, and often a “lonely” person, albeit surrounded by many people.

For those who love cinema a la Eric Romer.


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