Movies on TV Tonight Sunday August 13, 2023 A Few Tips

We often return home after a tiring day at the beach and this evening, Sunday 13 August, many unencrypted channels of our television provide a variety of films and programs for every taste that can cheer up viewers who are waiting for the onset of the August evening. Unlike streaming platforms, streamed content contains ads and is streamed only once without the possibility of replication (with some exceptions later available on RaiPlay or Mediaset Infinity), but for many this is not a problem, because the knowledge that there are other people who watched program with them, even if the distance makes them feel like an integral part of something.

The film aired tonight Sunday, August 13, 2023 on TV.

The film is now in all theaters. Shark 2 – Abysswhich so strongly resembles in history the famous film by Steven Spielberg in 1975, Shark. And it will be a cult film that will be shown in prime time on Rete 4 and will force viewers to relive the events of the Pacific city of Amity, whose seaside tourism is shaken by the murder of a young girl named Kristin by a shark. . The local sheriff will demand that the beaches be closed, but the mayor will not do so, lest the island’s economy be endangered, leading to a string of deaths and dangerous sightings. The Empire considers it one of the five greatest films ever made in the world of cinema. Shark uses music by John Williams, who won the Academy Award for Best Score for this work.

Rai Movie, on the other hand, will air the movie starting at 21:15. Lonely but not too lonely, in which Alice, a very pretty and naive girl, moves to New York and immediately her friend Robin introduces her to the world of the Big Apple nightlife. The two girls are joined by Alice’s sister, Meg, who aspires to be a mother even if she doesn’t have a man, and Lucy, who is obsessed with finding love through online dating sites. The 2016 film starred Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann and Alison Brie.

Paradise 4 will tell the real story of boxer Billy Moore in a 2017 prime-time movie Prayer before dawn. The plot tells the story of Billy Moore, who is in a Thai prison after being found in possession of drugs, and in this context, he will have to make a decision to die or try to survive in this place without rules. The prisoner will realize that he has a decision to stay alive when the authorities allow him to participate in Muay Thai tournaments. The cast, directed by Jean-Stefan Sauveur, includes Joe Cole, Vitaya Pansringarm and Nicolas Shayk.

On Rai Gulp, a very special animated film called Tales of Parvan is based on Deborah Ellis’ bestselling book Under the Burqa, which tells the story of a young Afghan girl who lives in a small apartment in Kabul during the war-torn early 2000s. One day, her father, who uses books to read to those who can’t, is arrested and Parvan disguises himself as a man to help his family and see if her father is still alive, risking his own life in the community. where women are forbidden to leave the house alone and without a veil on their heads. The film was commissioned by Angelina Jolie and is ready to please the whole family. In addition to its prime time screening on Rai Gulp, the film is available on RaiPlay and will air on TV on Saturday, August 19 at 2:35 pm.

The 1980 film is broadcast on TwentySeven, digital terrestrial channel 27. They will be famous, which has become iconic, tells the story of an elderly dancer who unites his students and former comrades to win a competition that could save his dance school. Alan Parker’s film features a wonderful soundtrack by Michael Gore, who won an Academy Award for his work, and the song “Fame” by Irene Cara, also awarded by the Academy.

On La5 they will tell the story of a black stallion black beautyin a story shown directly from a flashback to a beautiful horse set in 1870 England, which recalls his deeds and hardships received touchingly and with dramatic aspects, even though the 1994 film was considered a comedy with a highly emotional soundtrack.

However, on Rai2 episodes Maritime Police Expansion with the episode “Team Play”, in which the teams of NCIS and spin-offs NCIS Hawaii and NCIS Los Angeles come together to solve a case that unfolds over three episodes commemorating the series’ twentieth anniversary. The plot revolves around the death of Dale Harding, a Navy Criminal Investigation Service FLETC instructor, and just to get to the bottom of Harding’s death, an investigation will be launched involving three teams of agents.

Continuing the theme of series, the releases of the Turkish TV series continue on Canale 5. girl and officer, which originally aired every Friday night. In the new appointment, we will see Seyit being sentenced to death for being found guilty of the death of the baroness, but he is pardoned and returns to the hotel, where he will take into account what has happened recently. Meanwhile, Petro, now half-owner of the hotel after the fire refurbishment, finds himself growing closer to Sura and is attacked by jealousy for the latter. Another fire is connected to Murvet’s mother’s house, and Seyit confesses to Sura what she does not know about her betrayal, namely that the woman involved is not Ayşe as she believes, but another, and the woman decides to leave the house with Peter. In addition, Sura receives a letter from Dzelil, which the man wrote during his imprisonment. Meanwhile, Seyit goes to Mürvet to ask him to marry him, but Emine tells him that it is impossible. While preparations are underway for the opening of the hotel, Ayla and Guzide make the decision to leave Dzelil and Yahya in preparation for their divorce.

Rai Cultura, a year after the death of Piero Angela, offers viewers again Piero Angela – A Journey of a Lifetimespecial of Ulysses, the discovery of pleasure in which Alberto Angela traces the most important milestones in the 70 year career of his father, Piero Angela, from his first job in radio, through the first news releases on Rai, and then to the famous superquarks. Along with Alberto Angela there will be testimonials from some of the friends who have worked with Piero Angela including Stefano Bollani, Riccardo Muti, Giorgio Parisi, Pierpaolo Nespoli and Gaia Tortora.

Finally, Italy 1 continues to meet football challenges Italian Cup 2023-2024, while on La 7 new series Miss MarpleBased on the detective novels by Agatha Christie. TV8 offers the best of Italy has talent and NOVE will tour the best Italian clubs in the world with Little big Italy while the new episode will be streaming on Rai Premium Boomer A TV show hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi that will return in the new TV season 2023/2024 with a new episode.

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