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Summer cinema
Photo: Eight Mountains Copyright – Alberto Novelli for Wildside

A summer movie rediscovering some of the titles that intrigued, captivated or sparked discussion in the 2022-23 season. A selection of titles from different genres for all tastes to be restored on home video or on major platforms. Point Cnvf-Sir.

“Murder in the West End” (Disney+)

yellow – one of the most sought-after genres under the auspices, moving from the pages of the book to the screen. Then an appetizing film for lovers of sophisticated intrigues alla Agatha Christie. This is Murder in the West End (Watch Them Run), Tom George’s directorial debut from a screenplay by Mark Chappell. Suspicious death on stage in 1950s London; to investigate a bruised inspector who is too addicted to a bottle and an aspiring detective who pushes with his elbows. In the background is the famous script of The Mousetrap. A gripping and accurate film on costumes and set design, confirmed by the presence of leading actors: Sam Rockwell, Adrien Brody, Saoirse Ronan and Ruth Wilson.
The direction moves briskly, alternating between theatrical, literary and cinematic quotations, giving a pleasing and sophisticated mix, marked by brilliant black humor. “Murder in the West End” is a work that captivates and engages on several levels, both in yellow intrigue and in the sophistication of quotations. Brilliant and erudite escapism.
Expedient, brilliant, for debate.

“Eight Mountains” (Sky-Now)

David di Donatello had him crowned Best Film of the Year. This is the existential drama “Eight Mountains”, the jury prize of the 75th Cannes Film Festival. fixture Based on the Strega Award-winning novel by Paolo Cognetti, the film was directed by Felix van Gröningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch.
“Eight Mountains” is an ode to the mountains, nature and its silence, as well as a journey into the depths of the human soul, friendship that binds for life. It is worth noting the work of the main characters. Luca Marinelli AND Alessandro Borgowho put themselves in the place of Pietro and Bruno, city and mountain boy, with attention and sympathy; they inhabited the characters, translating onto the screen their desire for life, for the future, as well as their many torments.
A film that captivates with its tenderness and graceful elegy, embellished with photography by Ruben Impens and music by Daniel Norgren.
Appropriate, poetic, for debate.

“Triangle of Sorrow” (home video)

golden palm at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, The Triangle of Sorrows, written and directed by Ruben Östlund, is a reading of our present with black and tragic humour.
Divided into successful story chapters, the film is presented as an essay on class struggle refused in an elegant and ruthless manner aboard a cruise ship. Everyone in the boat has a status that they emphasize and protect; however, when the wheel of life turns and chaos ensues, the class pyramid collapses catastrophically. And extreme anthropological attitudes are activated: hilarious, rude and merciless pictures, from funny to disgusting.
Director Östlund describes an example of an unhappy and tragic existence that evokes compassion but also annoyance. He uses his camera as a reflective and slightly distorting mirror aimed at exposing us to the moral contradictions of our day. This is the “globalization of indifference” that Pope Francis speaks of, triumph of the ego in the face of loss. A film that captivates and at the same time leaves stunned, but certainly not indifferent.
Expedient, problematic, for debate.

“The Drought” (Sky Prime)

A society in disarray is also proposed by Paolo Virzi in the film The Drought Presented in Venice79.
The story of a lonely and tragic humanity seeking solace in Rome, besieged by uncontrollable heat and an aggressive virus. In this almost apocalyptic setting, the lives of women and men, adults and teenagers intertwine as they try to navigate the obstacles of a crazy climate and solve unresolved personal and family problems.
Signed by the Livorno-based director along with Paolo Giordano, Francesca Archibuggi and Francesco Piccolo, The Drought is a work of great power backed up by a witty, bruised and sophisticated look.
addictive choral history where among the main characters we find: Claudia Pandolfi, Silvio Orlando, Valerio Mastandrea, Monica Bellucci, Elena Lietti, Tommaso Ragno, Vinicio Marchioni, Emanuela Fanelli, Max Tortora and Sara Serraiocco.
The Drought is a solid and poignant film that touches on the themes it touches on with tragic grace, providing an example of a tormented yet reconciled man.
Expedient, problematic, for debate.

Peter Pan and Wendy (Disney+)

It’s audience oriented boys the Disney film For Pan and Wendy directed by David Lowery and starring the delightful Jude Law as Captain Hook. A new transposition of James Matthew Barrie’s famous 1904 work, already animated by Disney in 1953 (The Adventures of Peter Pan).
The value of “Per Pan & Wendy” lies in the formal packaging, between the visual and stylistic dimensions: from staging with real reconstructions to the widespread use of special effects, which, however, do not allow you to feel the line between reality and reality. fantastic. Decorate the movie tooelegant photographywhich combines light and dark tones, keeping the plot on fairy-tale notes.
In terms of storytelling, more emphasis is placed on Wendy and there is an interesting insight Hookfrom which the “roots of evil” can be traced, the injuries that pushed him to the “dark side”.
A beautiful proposal for a large and familiar audience, designed to revive a classic story with sentences closer to our present.
Appropriate, poetic, for debate.

“Mixed Erri” (Netflix)

It’s available on Netflix comedy “Mixed by Erry” by Sydney Sibilia, which re-enacts the daring production adventure of Dj Enrico and the Frattasio Brothers, who from the outskirts of Naples managed to establish themselves in the recording market between 1985 and 1991. However, primacy is based on illegitimacy.
Written by Sibilia herself along with Armando Festa, “Mixed by Erry” is one of incendiary comedy impetuous; a film that meticulously reconstructs the socio-cultural, musical backdrop of Naples in the 80s, in complete ferment and “upheaval” due to the arrival of the champion Diego Armando Maradona (screenplay beautifully photographed by Paolo Sorrentino in “It was the hand of God”).
We laugh, and a lot, at jokes written with panache and lightness; a script that runs smoothly, also thanks to the performers: Luigi D’Oriano, Giuseppe Arena, Emanuele Palumbo, Francesco Di Leva, Cristiana Dell’Anna, Adriano Pantaleo and Fabrizio Gifuni.
Sydney Sibilia once again demonstrates style and endurance, confirming her talent and obvious creative growth.
Expedient, problematic, for debate.

Tetris (Apple TV)

Video games and geopolitics, is a binary file for John S. Baird’s hit spy thriller Tetris with Taron Egerton on Apple TV+. This is the story of the hit market video game Tetris with the first Nintendo Game Boy, a feat that fought like a tense chess match on a (decadent) Cold War platform.
Tetris is a happy and poignant mix of genres and storytelling styles: on the one hand, a political-historical story that highlights the polarization between the Soviet bloc and the US; on the other hand, there is a colorful and vibrant homage to the cultural world of the 80s, which director Baird brings to us through the successful music and video game atmosphere.
Aside from some narrative decision marked by simplification or ingenuity, Tetris is a movie that works because of a good script and skillful execution.
Expedient, problematic, for debate.

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