Movies to see Tuesday 28 February, in prime time and late evening

What Movies are on TV Tonight? Here’s ours Complete TV Guide with the Best Movies broadcast tonight, Tuesday 28 February 2023, in prime and late evening on the main free-to-air TV channels, with plots, casts and trailers.

  • Bombshell – The Voice of the Scandal – at 21.10 on Rai Movie

    (Drama, 2019, duration: 109 Min)
    A movie of Jay Roach, with Margot Robbie, Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Alice Eve, Kate McKinnon, Alanna Ubach, Brooke Smith, Nazanin Boniadi, Allison Janney, Connie Britton, Mark Duplass, Madeline Zima, Ashley Greene, Richard Kind, Malcolm McDowell and John Lithgow.

    Plot of the film Bombshell – The Voice of the Scandal: We are in 2016, United States, the presidential elections are upon us and Megyn Kelly, star of Fox News, is about to moderate a debate between candidates. Among these is Donald Trump and the interviewer takes the opportunity to ask him about the sexist comments and the allegations of harassment. But her questions will put her at the center of a political media controversy.
    Gretchen Carlson works in the same studio, who receives a sexist comment during a live TV broadcast and, tired of the verbal harassment (and not only) on and off the air, decides to contact lawyers, suing Ailes, convinced that other women will forward to support it.
    The conservative Kayla Popisil is younger and inexperienced, however, who hopes to receive a promotion very soon, but doesn’t quite know what she’s getting into.
    These three women, each for a different reason, have experienced harassment and are ready to reveal to the world how corrupt, toxic and slimy their work environment is. They’re out to show once and for all who the CEO of Fox News really is, but will they be powerful enough to destroy his empire? …

  • Prometheus – at 21.25 on Nine

    (Sci-Fi, Thriller, Adventure, 2012, duration: 124 Min)
    A movie of Ridley Scott, with Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Guy Pearce, Logan Marshall-Green, Sean Harris, Rafe Spall, Emun Elliott, Benedict Wong, Kate Dickie, Patrick Wilson and Giannina Facio.

    Plot of the film Prometheus: The story is set in the future 2093: the billionaire Peter Weyland and his large corporation finance a scientific mission in space with the aim of tracking down the Engineers, humanoid extraterrestrial creatures. The project could finally resolve the eternal questions about the origin of Man: according to some studies, in fact, it was this alien species that generated life on Earth.
    Scientists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway, under the authority of Meredith Vickers, depart on the spaceship Prometheus bound for the moon LV-223. The mysterious planet was located by Elizabeth and Charlie by deciphering a star map painted in a cave in Scotland; curiously, the same map is present in the culture of many unrelated ancient peoples. It could therefore be an invitation from the Engineers…

  • Mission: Impossible 2 – at 21 on 20

    (Action, 2000, duration: 123 Min)
    A movie of John Woo, with Tom Cruise, Dougray Scott, Thandiwe Newton, Ving Rhames, Rade Sherbedgia, Richard Roxburgh, John Polson, Brendan Gleeson, Anthony Hopkins, William Mapother, Dominic Purcell and Matt Wilkinson.
    Plot of the movie Mission: Impossible 2: The film continues to follow the adrenaline-pumping adventures of Ethan Hunt. While on vacation, the formidable IMF agent is summoned to carry out an assignment of international importance. After having recruited the clever and charming thief Nyah Hall for the mission, Commander Swanbeck reveals to Ethan what the mission consists of: the traitor Sean Ambrose killed the Russian scientist Nekhorvich, stealing from him the dangerous Chimera virus and its antidote, known as the name of Bellerophon.
    After tracking down Sean in Australia thanks to Nyah – the agent’s ex-girlfriend – Ethan goes to Sidney with his team, formed by computer expert Luthor Stickell and helicopter pilot Billy Biard. The impossible mission is this: destroy the Chimera, recover Bellerophon, stop a group of international terrorists from spreading the virus around the world and save Nyah, infected by the powerful disease…

  • Venus in fur – at 21.15 on Rai 5

    (Comedy, Drama, 2013, duration: 96 Min)
    A movie of Roman Polanski, with Emmanuelle Seigner and Mathieu Amalric.

    Plot of the film Venus in fur: In a Parisian theatre, after a day of auditioning for the actress to play the play he is preparing to stage, Thomas complains over the phone about the low standard of candidates. None of them have the style necessary for the leading role. As she is about to leave, Vanda appears, a veritable whirlwind of unbridled and brazen energy. Vanda embodies everything Thomas loathes. She’s crass and stupid and she will stop at nothing to get the part of her. Practically forced, Thomas decides to let her try and with amazement sees Vanda transform. Not only does the woman procure props and costumes, but she understands perfectly her character (who, after all, has the same name as her), of which she knows all the lines by heart. The audition lengthens and becomes more intense and Thomas’s attraction turns into obsession….

  • Bridget Jones’ Diary – 9.10pm on TwentySeven

    (Comedy, 2001, duration: 97 Min)
    A movie of Sharon Maguire, with Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent, Gemma Jones, Sally Phillips, Claire Skinner, James Callis, Embeth Davidtz, Shirley Henderson, Neil Pearson, Celia Imrie, James Faulkner, Charmian May, Salman Rushdie, Julian Barnes and Jeffrey Archer .
    Synopsis of the film Bridget Jones’s Diary: The protagonist of the film is Bridget Jones, a thirty-year-old single, dissatisfied and not exactly in shape, who can count on the affection of her longtime friends Jude, Shazzer and Tom. She has a secret crush on her easy-going, philandering boss Daniel Cleaver. With the holidays approaching, her loneliness is amplified and, as usual, Bridget is forced to attend the hated New Year’s Eve dinner at her mother’s house. Here, however, she runs into Mark Darcy, a charming and introverted lawyer. Her meeting with Darcy pushes the woman to take better care of herself and her appearance, and Bridget decides to vent all her feelings through the pages of a secret diary. Unexpectedly, Daniel notices her and the two soon establish a very intimate relationship…

  • Limitless – at 21.15 on Cielo

    (Thriller, Action, 2011, duration: 105 Min)
    A movie of Neil Burger, with Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Abbie Cornish, Andrew Howard, Anna Friel, Johnny Whitworth, Tomas Arana, Robert John Burke, Darren Goldstein, Ned Eisenberg, TV Carpio, Richard Bekins, Patricia Kalember, Cindy Katz, Brian Anthony Wilson, Rebecca Dayan , Damali Mason, Tom Bloom, Nina Hodoruk and Tom Teti.

    Plot of the movie Limitless: The film stars Eddie Morra, a young New York writer in full professional and personal crisis. His girlfriend Lindy, tired of his failures and self-pity, decides to leave him. His life suddenly changes when a friend makes him try NZT-48, a revolutionary pharmaceutical substance still being tested, capable of incredibly increasing the potential of the human brain. Taking the drug, Eddie is able to remember everything he has read, seen or heard.
    After finally managing to complete the book he was writing, his new deductive, learning, memorization and social skills prompt him to try his luck in the world of the stock market.
    He soon begins to work wonders on Wall Street, where his prowess attracts the attention of Carl Van Loon, a powerful finance tycoon who, after testing him, offers him the chance to negotiate the largest merger in history.
    However, the drug has side effects that worsen with each intake…

  • Blood Father – at 21.20 on Rai 4

    (Action, Thriller, Drama, 2016, duration: 88 Min)
    A movie of Jean-Francois Richet, with Mel Gibson, Erin Moriarty, Diego Luna, Michael Parks, William H. Macy, Dale Dickey, Miguel Sandoval, Richard Cabral, Thomas Mann, Daniel Moncada and Ryan Dorsey.

    Plot of the movie Blood Father: The film stars John Link, a drunken biker with a violent past, drug addict and ex-con who has served 9 years in prison for arms trafficking.
    Now it seems to go straight: he was placed in a rehabilitation program for drug addicts and alcoholics, regularly attends the meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous and lives in an old trailer in the Arizona desert.
    He’s not alone: ​​he lives in a community of people like him, who help each other to resist the temptation to fall back into their vices. Still, John is not serene: he continues to think of his daughter Lydia, whom he hasn’t seen for years with great regret, since he suddenly abandoned her and his ex-wife, disappearing into thin air, without a trace. When her boyfriend frames Lydia after stealing a fortune from a drug cartel, she is forced to go on the run. She will find only one ally: her father, who suddenly calls for help …

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