Movies to see Wednesday 15 March, in prime time and late evening

What Movies are on TV Tonight? Here’s ours Complete TV Guide with the Best Movies broadcast tonight, Wednesday 15 March 2023, in prime and late evening on the main free-to-air TV channels, with plots, casts and trailers.

  • A whole other life – at 21.25 on Rai 1

    (Comedy, 2019, duration: 103 Min)
    A movie of Alessandro Pondi, with Enrico Brignano, Ilaria Spada, Paola Minaccioni, Maurizio Lombardi, Gabriele Lustri, Giorgio Colangeli, Monica Vallerini, Daniela Terreri, Giordano Di Cola, Rossella Brescia and Paolo Sassanelli.

    Synopsis of the film A whole other life: Gianni is a Roman taxi driver, frustrated by the routine and an unadventurous existence he leads with his wife Lorella and their two children. A modest life, lived in the Garbatella district of Rome in a small apartment between mortgages, bills and ordinary problems. One day, unexpectedly, the perfect opportunity presents itself to shake off the dull daily torpor: a wealthy couple leave their house keys in the taxi by mistake. Gianni tries in vain to stop them as they enter the airport on their way to the Maldives, but then he sees an opportunity not to be missed. So he decides to sneak into their home and discovers an extra luxurious and completely free villa. Thus he builds a parallel life, wearing the role of a millionaire who enjoys exclusive events, expensive cars and pool parties, where everything is allowed and there is nothing that is not within his reach.
    In the whirlwind of incredible emotions he is experiencing, he meets a beautiful and intriguing girl, Lola, who falls in love with him, believing him to be a successful man…

  • In the Mood for Love – at 21.10 on Rai Movie

    (Sentimental, Drama, 2000, duration: 97 Min)
    A movie of Wong Kar-Wai, with Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Lai Chen, Siu Ping-Lam, and Rebecca Pan.

    Plot of the film In the mood for love: is set in 1960s Hong Kong and tells the story of Chow Mo-wan and Su Li-Zhen. The former works as an editor for a local newspaper, while the latter is a secretary in an import-export company. The two live in the same building with their respective partners and are opposite each other. That’s exactly how they get to know each other, meeting on the stairs or at the entrance to the building.
    Since both Chow’s wife and Su’s partner are often away on business, the two find themselves spending more and more time in each other’s company, discovering that they have several things in common, such as martial arts or the passion for spaghetti. Something begins to arise between them, a sympathy that remains only platonic, until they begin to suspect that their respective spouses are unfaithful. This is how they find out that their partners are having an extramarital affair with each other, but despite their growing anger, Chow and Su decide to keep their friendship as it is, without compromising it and without behaving like their unfaithful companions, while deciding how to deal their marriages now on the edge of the precipice…

  • Apocalypto – 9.30pm on Warner TV

    (Action, Adventure, 2006, duration: 138 Min)
    A movie of Mel Gibson, with Rudy Youngblood, Dalia Hernandez, Jonathan Brewer, Morris Birdyellowhead, Carlos Emilio Baez, Amilcar Ramirez, Israel Contreras Vasquez, Israel Rios, María Isabel Díaz, Espiridión Acosta Canché, Mayra Serbulo, Iazua Larios Ruiz and Hiram Soto.

    Plot of the movie Apocalypto: The film is set in the early 16th century, at the end of the flourishing Maya civilization. The population concentrated in the large settlements has been struck by a terrible plague and, to appease the wrath of the gods, Zero Wolf and Half Eye need men to offer as sacrifices. When the small village of Jaguar Paws and his family is attacked, the man manages to hide his pregnant wife and son in a deep well before being captured and deported. The journey to the city is exhausting but Jaguar’s Paw doesn’t let himself be discouraged, demonstrating a great resolve of mind.
    Arriving near the large settlement, a child seer reveals their fate to the tormentors, but no one seems to give weight to the prediction…

  • The Bridges of Madison County – 9pm on Iris

    (Drama, Sentimental, 1995, duration: 134 Min)
    A movie of Clint Eastwood, with Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep, Annie Corley, Victor Slezak, Jim Haynie, Sarah Kathryn Schmitt, Christopher Kroon, Phyllis Lyons, Debra Monk, Richard Lage, Michelle Benes.

    Synopsis of the film The Bridges of Madison County: Italian-American Francesca Johnson lives with her aloof husband Richard and their two children in Iowa, leading a monotonous and unfulfilling existence.
    His life is turned upside down by the unexpected arrival of Robert Kincaid, a fascinating envoy from the National Geographic Society who will stay in the city to photograph the characteristic covered bridges of Madison County.
    Between Robert and Francesca there is a real stroke of lightning and an intense love story is born which, however, will only last four days due to the imminent departure of the photographer.
    Although Robert makes her feel desired and satisfied, Francesca will not be able to abandon her family to live this strong feeling with him and will let him go.
    Years later, after the death of her husband Richard, Francesca will find the courage to contact Robert…

  • Doc Hollywood: Career Doctor – at 21.10 on TwentySeven

    (Comedy, 1991, duration: 103 Min)
    A movie of Michael Caton-Jones, with Michael J. Fox, Julie Warner, Barnard Hughes, Woody Harrelson, David Ogden Stiers, Frances Sternhagen, George Hamilton, Bridget Fonda, Mel Winkler, Helen Martin, Roberts Blossom, Macon McCalman, Tom Lacey, Raye Birk, William Cowart and Michael Chapman ,
    Plot of the film Doc Hollywood: Doctor in Career: The film follows young Ben Stone (Michael J. Fox), an ambitious doctor in Washington’s chaotic emergency room. Eager to change his life, Ben decides to quit his job to move to hot Los Angeles, where he can devote himself to the more lucrative profession of plastic surgeon.
    During the long car journey, aboard his Porsche, Ben has an accident in Grady, a passing town in South Carolina: the young man ends up against the fence of Judge Evans’ villa, destroying the fence and the car. Instead of making him pay for the damages, Evans – given the shortage of doctors in the area – decides to sentence the doctor to a period of service at the local hospital, while local mechanics offer to fix his car.
    Initially annoyed by the forced stay in that remote village, the doctor begins to feel comfortable in the relaxed country atmosphere and makes friends with the benevolent locals, especially with Lou, the beautiful ambulance driver of the town. At that point the question is: will Ben be able to get back on the road to Los Angeles?…

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