Movies to watch at the end of the holidays (part 3)


welcome to this third and last partat least this summer, from the lists I listed movies not to watch on vacationif you’re not a thrill seeker, mind you.

Therefore, as regards this last part of the films worth watching, after the holidays we decided to choose those films that represent journey – which can be off-road or reverse – vacationer: all three films on the list are, in fact, filmed in some kind of vehicle. Let’s go to!

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

The entire cast of the film

How pleasant it is to travel by train, especially if it is a journey in several stages and there is an opportunity to spend the night in special compartments. Unfortunately for the main characters Murder on the Orient Expressfilm shot from the novel of the same name by Agatha Christiethe trip is not pleasant, a passenger is killed in the middle of the night.

Fortunately, there is a famous Belgian detective. Hercules Poirotinterpreted Kenneth Branagh (Professor Alloch in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) to resolve the situation. Branagh himself will soon return with his third film in the series. Murder in Venice.

10 o’clock – dead calm (1989)

Kidman and Neil in a movie scene

Nicole Kidman in a disturbing thriller in the middle of the sea, and no, here the villain is not a man-eating shark, but a very kind one Billy Zane (Titanic, Zulandd) that he was found alone on the boat as the only survivor from the team.

Pair of main characters played Nicole Kidman (Other) AND Sam Neil (Jurassic Park), sail the regatta alone to face the untimely death of their son. At some point, they cross a drifting boat with the only survivor (Billy Zane): at first it seems that the epidemic that destroyed the team is to blame, but in fact other characters I am in grave danger.

Red Eye (2005)

The main characters of the movie “Red Eye”

In this film we have talented Cillian Murphyrecently seen in Oppenheimer playing the part of a psychopath aboard a scheduled flight: Lisa Reisert (Rachel McAdams) returns home after her grandmother’s funeral and meets a handsome man, played by Cillian Murphy, who has very different plans than the girl had hoped.

The film is a source of anxiety. ambitious thrillerwhich will turn the poor protagonist’s journey into a living hell… You’re glad you don’t have to make other plane trips and avoid psychopaths?

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