movies to watch in September 2023


The new edition is ready to launch Cinema in Festos. From 17 to 21 September 2023 the initiative that allows you to go to the movies for a fee is back 3.50 euros for all films. But which ones are worth seeing in the theater?

For those who haven’t yet, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy two films that marked the cinematic summer on the big screen: Barbie And Oppenheimer. The Margot Robbie film has been scheduled since July, while Christopher Nolan’s film arrived in Italy a month later than the rest of the world.

Another great movie that deserves to be seen in the cinema is I’m the captain. Matteo Garrone’s film, which won the Silver Lion Award for Best Director at Venice, is “a Homeric tale that follows the adventurous journey of two young men, Seydoux and Moussa, who leave Dakar to reach Europe.”

There have also been a number of films released in recent weeks that are still planned, including The most beautiful century of my life, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Mutant Chaos, The Nun 2, The Equalizer 3, Jeanne DuBarry – The King’s Favorite, Order of Time, House of Ghosts, Work, Wonderful summer, Conversations with other women AND Dangerous Comedy.

There will also be space for new releases, films that will appear in cinemas immediately after Cinema in Festa. We start with Murder in Venice, the third chapter of the saga starring detective Poirot, which you can read a review of here. But also Gran Turismo – The Story of an Impossible Dream, Mercen4ari, Felicità by Micaela Ramazzotti AND Patagonia.

The project was launched last year and has so far attracted more than 2.3 million viewers to cinemas. It will continue until 2026: annually, in June and September, for 5 days from Sunday to Thursday.

Cinema in Fest follows record summer for Italian cinemas. Over 13 million tickets have been sold thanks to blockbusters such as Barbie And Oppenheimer; as well as Cinema Revolution, a campaign supported by MiC which, until September 21, allows you to watch Italian and European films for 3.50 euros.

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