Movies you can’t be proud of: 8 actors who turned down their roles

Actors who regret their films, here are the most famous ones
Actors who regretted filming a movie, that’s who they are – Photo: ANSA (

There are actors who turned down roles in some of their most famous films, here’s who they are and why they regretted the choice they made.

Some actors are not always happy with their choice. in their career. Indeed, some regret the roles they have chosen, even those that may have brought them prestige and fame.

In fact, several famous actors have stated in interviews and press releases never wanted to play a certain role. Who is it about? What films would you like to be in? Here are the curiosities that no one expected to know about.

Actors who regret filming a movie – these are the most famous

An actor may regret acting in a movie for several reasons. Some may have hated their role, while others admitted that they only took part in the project to make good money. In any case, it is not said that an actor who hated his part played badly. On the contrary, sometimes contempt for the chosen project forced individuals to let go of themselves, giving life to unforgettable interpretations.

Actors who regret their films, here are the most famous ones
Actors who regretted acting in films, including Tom Hanks – Photo: ANSA (

A prime example in this respect is the case Kate Winslet. The actress said that she regrets that she starred in “Titanicand interpret the scene in which he poses naked for Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. In fact, because of this scene, it was criticized for her body for a long time.

In a similar way, Tom Hanks stated that he regrets playing a gay man in “Philadelphiadespite winning an Oscar. This is because, according to the actor, the role should have been given homosexual manto make the interpretation more correct.

Like Tom Hanks, the actor too Eddie Redmayne he regretted taking part in The Danish Girl, an interpretation that earned him an Academy Award nomination. Redmayne did a great job in the movie. Lily Elbesecond person in history to be recognized as transgender.

Also Harrison Ford stated that he was not satisfied with two of his most iconic roles: a role in “Blade Runner“And in”star Wars“. Indeed, for the Ridley Scott film, Harrison Ford proposed changes to the script, but he was not heard. However, lately Timothy Chalamet he regretted that he starred in “Rainy day in New York» Woody Allen after allegations of harassment suffered by the director.

Beautiful Robert Pattison known for his role inTwilight“, the film that launched his career. However, the actor said that he always hated the saga and that every script he read haunted him. Not surprisingly, Pattinson has been involved in many independent and decidedly interesting projects since Twilight, only returning to blockbuster cinema with the recent Twilight.Batman“.

About a masked superhero George Clooney regrets playing Batman in Joel Schumacher movie”Batman and Robin“. The actor even apologized to fans for his performance. However, Clooney apparently agreed to the role because casting for the role was not easy. awfully tall.

Finally, always staying on the topic of superheroes, Halle Berry said that she was extremely disappointed that she agreed to the main role in “Catwoman“. The actress immediately noticed that the script was weak, but they never listened to it, because they considered him only a commercial star of the film.

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