‘Mr. Robot’, the tense start of the season 4 is very promising


This review has been written after watching the episode 4×01 of ‘Mr. Robot’ and contains spoilers.

If all the episodes that are going to be like this, Sam Esmail are not lied when us warned on his Twitter account we had care with the spoilers as soon as it is issued Mr. Robot. If you do not like, make the case, because I came to this knowing what happened in the first 5 minutes.

And, as I knew already, I could focus on the staging, in how it changes the point of view of Angela (accepting what is going to happen) to Mr. Price (while away from the place), and leaving the violent act in a blurred background, until you wobble reality. If what they wanted was to ask a dark journey, they have achieved its purpose, because the death of Angela has changed at all.

Do you fijasteis in white roses (Whiterose) of the moldings of the ceiling?. (Source: USA Network)

After resume the story right where we had left, the ellipsis takes us to December of 2015, two months after. We don’t know what you’re thinking, Elliot, because what we see directly in action (and sharing the work with Mr. Robot): to blackmail one of the lawyers that works by moving money from the Dark Army, and it is not precisely that reason that makes it a to be negligible.

The emotional and mental state of Dominique yes we see it clear from the first time that he appears on the scene. When he said to Darlene in the last episode of the previous season that had ruined his life, was not a hyperbole. He is locked up in his mother’s house, drinking all day and paranoid. Do you think it can escape their fatebut the eerie character of the taxidermist reminds him (with zero subtlety) that the Dark Army is everywhere and takes many forms.

Whiterose in the box on the wall. (Source: USA Network)

As many forms have vacuum that has left Angela to their friends. When Darlene enters the apartment of Elliot, and he gives up the command to Mr. Robot to talk with her (a wonderful work of direction), we understand that your motivation to destroy the plans of Whiterose is more personal than ever. Is Mr. Robot who is now addressed to us, for the first time, and it does so because Elliot is totally enclosed in itself.

Darlene is in their darkest hours, and not hides, with a mixture of guilt and loss, a little like what was Jesse Pinkman after certain events in the third season of Breaking Badand like him, you try to drown the sorrow in drugs and at parties with people you don’t know anything, so that the noise makes you feel less alone. Of course, it does not work.

(Source: USA Network)

Darlene does not know what has happened with Angela and is frustrated because Elliot does not seem to want to do anything to find her. He has preferred not to show her the photo that shows that it is dead, because he thinks that would hurt. In the background you know that not having answers is worse, but now has other things in the head and can not be distracted, therefore, invoked to Mr. Robot and disconnects when there are things that you don’t want to deal with.

Because, as promised to the end of the third season Elliot and Mr. Robot are working together, and the truth is that they complement each other well. Mr. Robot just disappears in the last scene, when Elliot is attacked after entering the apartment of the false name that she had given Freddy, the pedophile from the start. For when you find the book Closed-door Jean Paul Sartre, and realizes that Garcin is one of his characters, it is already late.

Sam Esmail in the final scene of the episode. (Source: USA Network)

Sam Esmail is booking the role of man who injected a dose of deadly drug to Elliot. After that hallucinate from watching their parents (and yourself of small), and that his life will pass (literally) before their eyes, the men who had left to his fate bring it back, and they are binds Mr. Price. In the next episodes we will confirm if you are still working for the Dark Army, or, as it seems, this movement seeks an alliance to carry out his revenge (for what happened to Angela and tired of being pushed around long) against Whiterose.

We will also see Fernando Vera, who still has not made any reference. And we are eager to discover all of this, because this start of the season has the potential for the closure of the series is epic.

  • As a plan, the false name that you give to Freddy for if it ever goes on the tongue, with an address in the who have order to notify if someone is going to look for it, it is so far-fetched that there is to applaud. And, as always, the series always gives a step further, because you have to recognize that the two characters in the goal of the building are memorable.
  • The new and militant wizard of Whiterose is a steal scenes.
  • Shift +Ctrlthe new series from NBC that is advertised on a poster in the metro looks like a cancellation in the first season.
  • In addition to the cameo of Sam Esmail, we also have one of Emmy Rossum (they are a couple in real life) singing in a choir at christmas in the street.
Emmy Rossum singing christmas carols. (Source: USA Network)
  • This is not the first time that Sam Esmail appears in Mr. Robot. In this thread from Reddit remind us all of the above that has been seen, already from the first episode of the series, and always looking to Elliot.
  • What is your theory preferred on the great secret project of Whiterose? do you think that the series is going to incorporate a finally component of science fiction?

New episodes of ‘Mr Robot’ are available on Monday in the Movistar+.