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Not all of them are Joe Lovano, that when he talks you almost have to stop him. There is little. For a moment you think Harmony Corinne is as cute as a morning alarm and that she might decide to go back to her room with a second question; then you think it’s Harmony Korine, that we’re not on Domenica Ying, and she won’t tell you how much peanut butter she puts on her toast in the morning or even who wins the Barbenheimer, the box office race between a doll dressed in pink and a bomber.

Korine (who is eating the second blackberry and raspberry milkshake and asking if it’s the place’s specialty) is the one who slapped you in Children and Gummo, the former as a writer and the latter as a writer. writer and director, and while her name can sometimes conflict (it often does, oh if it does), it’s okay, if only to get you out of the Hollywood bubble and into movies that don’t go well. Of course, Spring Breakers appeared later, but that’s another story. After all, we’re here for the Pardo d’Onore estate, not for the blackberries and raspberries.

Mr Korine: What is it like to be a song?

To be a song? And which one?

The one that bears his name is Steven Wilson’s Corinne Harmony, the one from the Porcupine Tree.

Oh yes, but perhaps there is another one. I don’t know what this song is about, but it’s nice to be in the title.

Lately he has been more of a musician than a director.

Yes, sometimes I spend even more time on music than on films, but music is also a big part of cinema. And in general, at least in my case, they travel together.

Björk, Sonic Youth, Lana Del Rey, recently Miley Cyrus. Have you chosen collaborations as fans?

Sometimes I write something really fast and I think it might be a song and send it to the artist. It happens weird, but that’s the way it works, I don’t think about it much. Björk at the time (“Harm Of Will”, ed.) was a close friend of mine.

They advised me to ask her about skateboarding, but this is my youthful failure. You say it affected your work…

Yeah, that’s obvious, you don’t have to be a skateboarder to make movies, it’s just that I wrote my first movie when I was a teenager and at that time I was just coming out of the skateboarding culture. Today, I still watch music videos and hang out at skate parks.

Before her, the Pardo d’onore had been won by a couple of her landmarks: Jean-Luc Godard and Werner Herzog.

Both? I didn’t know that, that’s good. I love them both.

The Duke, having seen one of her films, advised her to develop her talent…

Herzog saw the premiere of Gummo and called me. He told me (with a German intonation, ed.): “You are the last infantryman in the army” (“footman”, from the dictionary: “People who seem unimportant, but perform a large number of very important jobs”). He told me that it was my duty to continue and we became friends. I’ve loved it ever since I watched Even Dwarves Started as Kids as a kid, a movie that melted my brain.

Did the Duke make her realize she could do it?

When did he call me? Oh no, his words were sweet, but I knew I would be successful at 12. I had a VHS camera, I took toys from my younger brother’s room and made stop-motion films, then I watched them over and over again and told myself that I would definitely do (laughs, ed.).

In the motivation for the award of Gion, A. Nazzaro uses the words of this tenor, tell me if they correspond to them: “elusive”, “unclassifiable” …


“anarchist”, “rebel” …

Haha, yes…

“Dangerous” and “poetic”. Confess? Is an adjective missing?

Yes, I recognize myself. Perhaps there is no “founded” (more or less “be yourself and not care what others think of you”, approx.

In my opinion, he lacks “anxiety”. By typing “Most Disturbing Film” on the net, in addition to splashes, small masterpieces will come out, including “Gummo” and “Kids”. Did he have a specific intention to disturb?

I don’t know. I always thought it was comedy, I just wanted to make the audience laugh.

It’s the tenth anniversary of Spring Breakers: can you call it a feminist film?

Yes, I think she finally conveyed the feminine energy, even the raw one at that moment. Technically it contains solutions that I wanted to try at the time and had never tried before. I am satisfied.

No sequels or prequels? Or a Halloween-type saga to make a lot of money…

I see it a little like the Alien that dies at the end, I see it as the end. But I’m not sure yet.

A critic from Spring Breakers spoke of a monument to “the self-destructive obsession of the younger generation.” Ten years later, the love of self-destruction in young people is the same?

Self-destructive obsession concerns people in general, not the younger generation.

There is a camp for directors of the future at the Locarno Film Festival: could you share a couple of tips?

Have fun, experiment and do it with pleasure, because life goes by very quickly.

We didn’t talk about photography, painting, advertising…

I like all these disciplines, everything comes from one place, I have no hierarchy between forms, no one is more important than the other. I also include a letter.

His new film? We read “action movie” all around, but Korine’s film can’t just be “action movie”…

I represent it in Venice, I worked on it for years until I got to where it is now. This is a different kind of cinema. In fact, it’s probably not even a movie.

Would you also like to say something about the Hollywood strike?

Hollywood? I don’t really know what’s going on on the other side, to be honest. I can say that I really enjoy living in Florida.

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