Murray Arbeid’s velvet dress is up for auction

It is well known that Lady Di, 26 years after her death, is still in fashion thanks to her diverse fashion wardrobe. This is evidenced by her many fans, including some influencers who take turns recreating different outfits inspired by her every day. But what would it be like to own one of his most iconic pieces? We should ask Kim Kardashian, who recently bought a diamond cross once owned by Princess Diana at Sotheby’s in London. For those already dreaming of becoming the next (happy) customer, another exciting opportunity is approaching. Sotheby’s has indeed revealed the contents of the first Fashion Icons sale.dedicated to iconic fashions and the legendary figures who wore them. Among them is one of the most memorable and elegant images of Diana Spencer.. This is aboutevening dress by Murray Arbeidconsisting of a black velvet bodice flowing into a white taffeta skirt supported by layers of tulle petticoat. which Diana wore twice.

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In June 1985, on the occasion of Prince Edward’s 21st birthday, at a themed event called “A Midsummer Night’s Ball”, held at the royal residence of Windsor Castle. The dress then made headlines, not only because of its beauty, but also because another guest present, Natasha Fairweather, wore the same dress, as stated in a feature in Sotheby’s. The second time she wore this dress was also in December of that year at the Worshipfull Company of Fanmakers banquet at the mansion. For the occasion, Diana completed her look with black gloves, sapphire earrings and a pearl necklace created from a sapphire brooch given by the Queen Mother on her wedding day.

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However, among the Fashion Icons lots, there is another piece of clothing that certainly belongs to yet another moment of Diana’s viral style.. This is about red and white sheep sweater, “Black Sheep Sweater”.which the Princess wore in June 1981 to one of Prince Charles’ summer polo matches, which became the protagonist of the first covers depicting her, and which in later years had a significant cultural impact.

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A sweater that, since the 80s, has not only gained popularity as an indispensable item, but also has its own history.. The dress that Diana was especially fond of, produced by Sally Muir and Joanna Osbourne at their Warm and Wonderful knitwear company founded in 1979, was damaged after a short time. So the princess decided to write to the manufacturers to repair or replace it, and in a short time a new and identical sweater was made especially for her. Where did the first damaged pullover go? No one knew until, in March of this year, Joanna Osborne, rummaging through the attic in search of an old model, with such amazement, did not find it. After careful examination of the condition, damage to the sleeve, and careful comparison with photographs from 1981, Sotheby’s confirmed that this is the original sweater for sale by Fashion Icons, worn by Princess Diana over 40 years ago. Who will win these iconic fashion pieces? Auction (August 31) is open.

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