Muse postpones stay in Rome due to heat

music after the release of the last album the will of the people (which debuted at number one on the Italian Albums Chart, the only international artist to achieve this result in Italy in 2022) Harry Stylesnew show by tells arrived in Rome with the first of two Italian appointments to Will of the People Tour: tonight I tells He will indeed be a hero at the Olympic Stadium as he arrives at Milan’s San Siro on Saturday.

Muse World Tour Will of the People Tour stops in italy

The world tour started abroad and then reached Europe, stopping in Britain as well as Austria, Holland, Germany, France and Switzerland, touching the most important stadiums and festivals of the continent.

Recognized worldwide as one of the best live bands, i tells has always produced innovative shows of its kind: The Will of the People Tour The one that is about to reach the Olimpico and then the San Siro will be no exception. very special guest Among the dates in 2023, including two dates from Italy, i will be Royal blood They one ok ROCK,

very special guest at olympico and san siro royal blood and one ok rock

english pair of Royal bloodformed by mike kerr And ben thatcherwill come back – together tells – In our country after the date of June 2022 in Alcatraz of Milan.

one ok ROCKJapanese emo rock band with millions of streams and views, one of the most popular Japanese groups on the international rock scene, will bring all their explosive charge to the stages of the Olimpico and San Siro to energize the stadiums and deliver a powerful adrenaline rush highlight the.

Will of the People is Muse’s latest album

tells Winner of two Grammy Awards, one American Music Award, seven MTV Europe Music Awards, two Brit Awards, nineteen NME Awards and seven Q Awards, Not Only released their latest album on August 25, 2022. the will of the peoplewhich debuted at number one in several countries including the UK, Italy, France, Finland and Switzerland.

The album, which has received widespread critical acclaim for its ambition and its reflection on an ever-changing world, consists of 10 tracks which are entirely self-composed. tells Self.

Singles that anticipated the release of the album

the will of the people single people expected it won’t stand down, compliancefrom the title track the will of the people and from kill or be killed, Unpublished tracks are added to these tracks such as Freedom (Where glam rock echoes in an age of misinformation) e veronaA song with a nostalgic electronic texture tinged with innocence and purity.

besides poignant ballads Ghost (How Do I Go On)The band’s frenetic energy is evident with lightning speed. Excitement when in we are fucking The curtain falls on one last burst of loud/quiet/loud dynamics and craziness.

The Muse Rekindling Her Career in Rome and Milan

queuing up for Will of the People TourSongs from previous albums, but not only: Live reflects the band’s decades-long career that have now become classics of contemporary rock.

From The Social Network, Muse announced the suspension of live shows due to the heat

The band sent out a message on social media to announce the postponement of the Roman concert due to heavy heat: The lawn would open at 5 p.m., 6 p.m. for the grandstand; One OK Rock will perform at 7.15 pm, Royal Blood at 8.15 pm and Muse will perform at 9.45 pm.

“Hello to our fans who will be attending the show at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. – reads the message from the museum -. Due to the forecast of unprecedented heat, we have postponed the opening of the doors and the timing of the performances as late as possible. In addition, additional measures will be taken inside and outside the stadium for the safety of our fans.”

« We recommend that you arrive no earlier than the doors open, wear adequate sun protection (hat, sunscreen, etc.) and always stay hydrated. Please take care of each other and if you are concerned for your or someone else’s well-being, go to a medical post immediately.”

song queue

The latest album and not only in the center of tonight’s concert at Olimpico. This is a series of songs that Muse will also perform live in Marseille, organized by the band.

the will of the people
drill sergeant
map of the problematique
won’t stand down
kill or be killed
thought contagion
intermediate ‘parkour’
Time is Running Out
Rule 2: Isolated System
undisclosed Desires
you make me feel like it’s halloween
we are fucking
the dark side
supermassive black hole
intermediate ‘driving’
plug in Baby
look glove
star light
Simulation Theory Theme / (JFK)
kill or be killed
Knights of Cydonia

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