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In case of Novak Djokovic in Australia day by day it adds new chapters and some, it must be said, more curious and unusual than others. Since the revocation of his visa, the decision of his lawyers to appeal it, the subsequent confinement, his father comparing him to a martyr -or even to Jesus-, his mother denouncing abuse, and finally the decision of the Justice to return your visaThe oceanic country was for more than five days in the eyes of the world and, in the middle, everything happened.

Undoubtedly one of the most striking and surreal situations in all this quite complicated context, due to the situation of Djokovic and the number of positive cases in Australia that grow daily as in the rest of the world, was what happened this Monday prior to the start of the hearing to define the future of the world’s number 1.

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It is that, in the middle of a pandemic, said meeting between the lawyers of both parties and the judge Anthony Kelly it was carried out virtually, and the Melbourne Court shared a link with journalists to also allow them access as listeners. However, before the start of the hearing, and after the viralization of that link on social networks, finally it was decided to replace the link. The problem was that the first link had already been published in various media, so many people clicked to join and got a big surprise.

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What happened? They came across loud music and pornographic content. The link, which had already been terminated by the Court, was hacked by pranksters to make more than one disappointed when entering. One of those people was News Corp’s head of digital sports, Emily Benammar, who posted on her social media: “Porn: the only thing missing from the entire Djokovic saga.”

There was also no success with the new link

The new link shared by the Tribuna also had its drawbacks at the start of the meeting. Is that it led directly to a page collapsed by the number of visits. And when the link worked again, the process was interrupted by a member of the public, who joined the broadcast but forgot to silence himself before entering.

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“We are inside,” the person said. “I ask whoever is on the screen to be silent …. the only people who need to be in line with their microphones are those who are making court appearances, “Judge Kelly quickly challenged.

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Finally, despite the complications, the hearing was held, although many people and journalists were finally unable to enter due to the aforementioned inconveniences. Even when four hours of the hearing had already been held, a third link from the court’s own YouTube channel was shared. And after new failures, everything worked again at the right moment of the sentence.

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Thus, before everyone present, the judge confirmed the restitution of the visa for Nole and requested the immediate release of the tennis player, that until that moment he was in a confinement center.

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