Music echoes within the walls of Novete for an hour of free emotions

Four walls enclosing a rectangle of sky, an electrical socket for the sound system and the beautiful voice of Alessandra Peretti: it doesn’t take much to bring emotion and a little joy inside Novate Prison. In the late afternoon of Wednesday 21 June, music and songs proposed by the choir of Piacenza echoed for an hour in the prison facility on the outskirts of Piacenza, from the interior courtyard of the prison.

A contingent of a few dozen prisoners from both the female and male sections were able to participate with the director Maria Gabriella Lucy, In the first of five summer concerts scheduled until September, the penitentiary police’s agents, teachers and volunteers of “Oltre il Muro”. The guarantor of the prisoners of Piacenza was also present. Mariarosa ponginebi, Alessandra Peretti has given a decidedly varied playlist “I hope it satisfies everyone’s taste”: from some Italian hits to international pop hits from Shakira and Miley Cyrus. But the audience was thrilled when it struck the notes of two famous pieces of Neapolitan song, namely “A città e pulessanella” and “‘O surdato ‘nnammurato”.

Prison Director Maria Gabriela Lucci underlined that “from time to time we like to add something to the habits of our work and organization, this year it is very important for me to see the large population of detainees here and also the prisoners here Is.” It is also a demonstration of the trust of the higher offices that allows us to create conditions close to normal in such a difficult context.

After this the director thanked the volunteers “Beyond the Wall”be forcefully present with the president of the association Henry Rizzo, who has been working for many years within the Novate prison and not only actively contributed in organizing five evening live concerts for the inmates. a calendar of shows starting at June 21It is a day dedicated to the music festival, which originated in France in 1982 and exists since 2016 in Italy with events promoted by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the Association for the Promotion of Music Festivals.

Other summer music stages set Monday 3 July (Tanzenic Music Group), Monday 24 July (acoustic training “Rebibia Gel”), Tuesday 22 August (Music Band Cover) E monday 4 september (Celtic music group).

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