Music, Katy Perry claims more solo certified diamond discs: Surpasses even Lady Gaga

The world of music always gives many surprises. In fact, Katy Perry boasts more diamond-certified singles than another “monster of music” has surpassed.aka Lady Gaga.

One goal – personal – not indifferent.

Multiple certified diamond singles, Katy Perry tops them all

The musical panorama (Italian and other) is composed of records, songs, albums and emotions. bragging is a new milestone katy perry, American artists are boasting Multiple Individual Diamond Disc CertificateAlso won the contest with Lady Gaga. the singer matters too 4 single which has sold over 10 million copies, excluding only the United States.

Over the years, the two singers – along with their fans – have challenged each other in the standings, counting various “duets”, such as the one in the middle. thunder And Praiseboth published on 12 August 2013 and vying for the Billboard Hot 100, both are competitive always honored And there was no dearth of messages of affection and respect. However, he has always been seen as the “enemy” in the field of music and singing.

With this new arrival, however, the 38-year-old knows he has (at least for now) outdone Lady Gaga, surpassed her in this particular ranking, and reached the top single, instead Shared with ally- Rival.

for the moment Katherine Elizabeth Hudson – real name of the singer – this success can be counted thanks to four songs, but here the three singles that had the most impact,

  • Fireworks
  • dark horse with juice j
  • thunder

These three pieces have sold 12, 11 and 10 million copies respectively. mind boggling numbers Which can only increase, demonstrating the great popularity (and talent) of the young singer. For the time being he has won the battle, it will be known only later whether he has won the battle or not. Surely his opponent would not stop.

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