Music, open-air cinema and theater, the “hot” weekend in Rome begins with Maneskin

The new weekend in the capital is dedicated to a diverse cultural offering. Great music as Roman band Dei return to Rome’s Olympic Stadium today and tomorrow manskins What records were sold in the two live shows. The Roma Summer Fest also continues in the Auditorium Parco della Musica ennio morricone, Glorious Shine-Pink Floyd Moon, Choreographer/Director’s Rock Opera, Coming to Cavia’s Outdoor Stage Tomorrow mika van hokeWith live musical accompaniment by the Pink Floyd legend and company dancers Daniel Cipriani, Then on Saturday it is the turn of Levante who will present live the new album Opera Futura and its successes which characterize a ten year career; On stage on 23 July, for the only Italian date, Deus, considered one of the most important and innovative European bands of the nineties, for the presentation of the album How to Replace It. hero on 24th july Jacob Collier, the multi-instrumentalist who has already won 5 Grammy Awards at the age of 28; Finally, on July 25, Daniele Silvestri will take the stage with his amazing and eclectic band, taking his Estate X tour.

Caracalla Festival in 2023, the summer season of the Rome Opera House. on the stage of great theaterLa traviata returns on Saturdays at 21 pm (25 and 28 July; with repetitions on 2, 4 and 9 August), an opera in three acts with music by Giuseppe Verdi, in a staging signed in 2018 Lorenzo Mariani Which sets the story in sixties Paris taken from La Dame aux Camellias by Dumas Fils. sweet Life, paying homage to Federico Fellini’s Rome. However, as for the inevitable appointments with pop music, Massimo Ranieri will hit the stage of the Teatro Grande with his “All Dreams Still in Flight” tour on July 24 at 9 p.m. in the park house of jazz The 33rd edition of the historic festival “I Concerti Nel Parco, Summer 2023”, organized by the cultural association of the same name, will continue until August 6. Moving to the cinema, as part of Viva Il Cinema, the initiative created by Zetema Progetto Cultura and Fondazione Cinema per Roma and promoted by Roma Capitale to bring the seventh art to the suburbs of the capital, this week, from today until August 3, opens in the Santa Maria della Pieta area of ​​Monte Mario, the last of the three open-air cinema areas included in the project.

Instead, after Arena D, the programming of Arena al Corviel ends. tor bella monaca ended last week. In the grounds of Santa Maria della Pieta Rome XIV Town Hall, New programming is underway with a screening of “The Traitor” by Marco Bellocchio, who will introduce the film to Pazza Joy this evening. paolo virzi Who will meet the public on 21 July. Organized by the Fondazione Cinema per Roma, it continues in the evocative Parco degli Acquadotti, Via LemoniaVII in the town hall, at the corner of Via Appio Claudio, programming Rome’s Cinema Arena, a large open-air cinema with about a thousand seats. Every evening, from 21:15, the public will be able to attend a screening of a film proposed by one of the three festivals on the calendar. Some screenings will also be presented by directors, writers, actors and critics. The Rome Review, which pays a special tribute to the city, proposes on July 22 the masterpiece “A special day” by Ettore Scola: the film will be presented by Silvia Scola, screenwriter and daughter of the great director. On July 23, the public will be able to attend Paolo Sorrentino’s “The Great Beauty,” released just 10 years ago. For ReStory Reviews, dedicated to a series of well-known titles in the restored edition, the following will be screened: “Apocalypse Now – Final Cut” by Francis Ford Coppola tomorrow and “Thelma & Louise” by Ridley Scott on July 25. 3rd review “Birthdays” – which aims to celebrate the birthdays of great characters and films that entered the history of cinema – Martin Scorsese’s film “Casino” prefaces Robert De Niro’s 80th birthday today; Roman Polanski’s film “The Pianist” on July 24, his 90th birthday.

In addition, the summer programming of the Casa del Cinema, managed by the Fondazione Cinema per Roma, continues: every evening, at 21:30, in the Ettore Scala theatre, the large open area immersed in the park of the Villa Borghese, a screening will be held with free admission. Starting this week the “Dance Dance Dance” review will feature a selection of iconic examples of the musical genre and exciting stories told through the languages ​​of dance and song. “Moulin Rouge” by Baz Luhrmann on stage tonight; “Flashdance” by Adrian Lyne yesterday; and Sunday Night Fever by John Badham. July 23 by “Greece” Randall Clijder, “West Side Story” by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise, July 25. Cinema meets under a curtain of stars at the India Theater on the last weekend of July called Film Review, which hosts a tribute to Anna Magnani at the Arena of the India Theater from 20 to 23 July at 9 pm, following a cycle of screenings dedicated to Mario Martone and Tony Servillo. The Oscar-winning actress for Daniel Mann’s The Rose Tattoo, considered one of the greatest interpreters in the history of cinema, developed and perfected her art of precision through theatre, between prose and review, working with Dario Nicodemi, the De Rege brothers, Toto, Franco Zeffirelli and Gian Carlo Menotti.

Finally, as part of an initiative promoted by the Capitoline Superintendent for Cultural Heritage, on July 22 and 23, on July 11 and 17 in the Multimedia Room of the Rome Museum in Trastevere, appointments are back with “Stellar Weekends”, conferences and meetings for all, conceived and produced by astronomers of the Rome Planetarium. An opportunity to discover the universe amidst scientific interpretations, history, art and mythology. at the Cassina delle Civet Villa TorloniaAs part of the exhibition “30 Italian artists for a traveling naturalist notebook” on July 22 at 10 a.m. in Corso Eratico, artist Silvana Volpato will lead a free workshop “Botanical Painting” for families and beginners dedicated to the creation of naturalistic notebooks. Archeology in the City Cycle offers two appointments: a guided tour by Sergio Palladino on 22 July of Monte Testaccio, called by the Romans Monte dei Cocci, a vast voluminous accumulation formed between the 1st and 3rd centuries AD, composed exclusively of amphora fragments; and a July 25 guided tour by Carla Termini of the Mausoleum of Monte del Grano, so-called because of its shape of an inverted bushel of wheat. It is a tomb that belonged to a high-ranking person, consisting of a 21-meter-long corridor, brick walls and a circular burial chamber covered by a barrel vault and a dome.

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