– The talent is on stage. episode 10 – The talent is on stage. Tenth episode.
In the tenth episode of Musicale, 12 singers performed, 9 of which belonged to two categories, youth and senior, who performed in the competition in front of the technical jury chaired by Tariq Balsamo, president and official coach of the format, and Camila Federico, “Musical Academy” by professional blues, soul and jazz singers, Paola Vannoli, vocal coach and jazz singer, and Emanuela Olezzo, professional singer and entertainer.
The episode began with a stellar performance by the Guest of Honor of Format Owner, Conductor, Juror as well as Official Coach of the Musical Academy, Tariq Balsamo, who delighted us by singing two of his unreleased songs from his latest LP. Lady in the Sky”, released in 2019, “Your Way” and “Non Andare Via”, among other things finalist songs and fourth national ranking in the songwriter category of the 2015 edition of Cantagiro.

Aprilia’s Marco Troiano gives us a stunning and beautiful vocal performance for the senior cast on the notes of Frank Sinatra’s beautiful “New York New York”;
Genzano’s Beatrice Del Gobbo sings Natalie Imbruglia’s beautiful folk pop song “Torn” among the ranks of Cast Young;
Among the senior cast were Marie Simone of Anzio, performing with Loredana Berte’s “Dedicato”;
Riscio from Ardea, a young singer-songwriter of just 17 years old, participated in the Power auditions, the official selection of Musicale talent, singing his unreleased song titled “Powerta”, after participating in the call auditions a few weeks ago. Pleased us To choose the official cast of the next 2024 edition of the program, to be evaluated and possibly selected for an audition tournament;
Aurelio Pasquini of Anzio interpreted the beautiful and dreamy “Sara per te” by Francesco Nuti for the program’s senior artists.
Cristian Costantino of Salerno wowed the audience by singing the beautiful “Everything I Do for You” written by Bryan Adams for Cast Young;
Young among the show’s cast, Ardea’s Daniele Rocchi swayed us to the notes of the Beatles’ beautiful “Let’s Be,” performed live on piano and voice;
Aradia’s Vincenzo Orsini performed for the senior cast the notes of Domenico Modugno’s “Tu’ si na cosa grande”, of which he is a part;
Mattia Cugini of Aradia delights us with the song “Volare-nel blue pittura di blue” sung by the great Domenico Modugno in the rap remix version of Anime Elegantia for Cast Young;
Aradia’s Monya Vitale mesmerized us with her performance on the notes of “Hallelujah” in Alexandra Burke’s version for the senior cast;
Antonella Di Napoli from Ardia participates in the Official Power Auditions of Musicale Talents in the senior category of the Cast 2024 tournament with the song “La Navicata del ’56” by Mia Martini;

During the tenth episode there was a call audition, a very rapid selection that takes place via live video call with a guided program from home, performed by the performer who wishes to try to be selected in the cast of the broadcast, by sending a short A demo audio or video that is played in front of a jury, and that will decide at the end of the evening whether it is suitable to take part in an official pre-selection program called “Power Auditions” to officially enter the cast. Believe it or not.
In episode number 10 of Musicale Talent, the call audition was attended by Claudio Barbetta, 49, from Ardia, who let us hear his video demo of the song “Rimmel” by 18-year-old Francesco De Gregori and Flavia Izzi from Rome. , he let us hear his demo where he proposed his version of “All of Me” by John Legend.
Among the cast members participating in episode 10 of Musicale Talent is Mattia Cousins, partial winner of episode 10, after a battle of notes on razor’s edge, for the verdict of the tenth episode of Musicale Talent. For the young cast and surprisingly, Vincenzo Orsini, in the ranks of the senior cast.
The three people most voted for by the public in Cast Young rank first and the most voted for by public executive Mattia Cugini, who won 3 points. Extra bonus, based on his 1st place in the jury ranking of episode number 10, and Christian Costantino, who wins 2 points. Additional bonus, based on her placing second in the jury ranking of episode number 10, while being the second best voted exec, Beatrice del Gobbo, who won 1 point. Additional bonus based on his 2nd place in the jury ranking of episode number 10 and Daniele Rocchi winning 1 point. Additional bonus based on his third place in the jury ranking of episode number 10.
In regards to cast seniors, the three people awarded as first and most voted by the public include Vincenzo Orsini, who earned 3 additional bonus points based on his first place in the jury rankings. Seema has won. In episode number 10, as second best voted by the public, Monya Vitale, who won 0.5 additional bonus points based on fourth place in episode number 10’s jury ranking, and Marco Troiano, as third best voted by the public, who Wins 2 points. Additional bonus based on his second place in the jury ranking of episode number 10.
The Social Network’s vote for episode 9 resulted in Benedetta Abbruzzetti being awarded 3 additional bonus points from the ranks of the young cast, based on her first place as the first best vote by The Social Network with 129 likes. Stefania Bagozzi, who received the most votes from the public, in the jury ranking of episode number 9, who won 2 additional bonus points, based on her second place in the jury ranking of episode number 9 of Musicale Talent, and finally, Cristina Tedesco, social media as the third-best vote by E!, which won 0.5 additional bonus points based on its fifth-place finish in the jury rankings for episode number 9.
Whereas as far as the cast senior social vote is concerned, Maria Chiara Zedda, who got the most votes with 43 likes by the social network of episode #9, won 0.5 extra bonus points thanks to her fourth place in the jury ranking for episode n. . 9, as voted second best by social media with 27 likes, Lorena Lusky, based on her first place in the jury ranking of episode number 9, then, finally, third best from social media with 12 likes As for the vote, Teresa Mariani, who wins 0.5 additional bonus points by virtue of her fifth place in the jury ranking of episode number 9.

Mattia Cugini, leading the partial general classification in the Young Cast, while Aurelio Pasquini, with regard to the Senior Cast, awaits the update of the results of episode n.11, next scheduled for July 22, 2023.

At the end of the episode, the jury deemed Claudio Barbetta and Flavia Izzi’s auditions and their demos suitable to participate in the official pre-selection on the Radio Roma stage on Saturday 22 July 2023, which will be evaluated live. The Technical Jury of Musical Talent is eligible to participate as a contestant in the Musical Talent tournament in stages to select the official artists for the 2024 edition.

The technical jury also qualified the power auditions of Riscio and Antonella Di Napoli to participate in the official audition tournament to choose the 2024 artists of Musicale Talent.

Therefore, it is officially stated that the 2023 artists of the two categories have been closed in the contest, and therefore, all other requests for participation that will be sent to the management of Radio Roma and Musicale Talent will only be considered Will be done. Participation in the audition tournament officially launched in the last few episodes, in order to choose the artists of the next edition, participating in call auditions and power auditions on the Radio Roma stage.

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