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Conceived by Epis Portions and Federico Traversa, “Musical Paranoia” (from which the book of the same name was taken) tells the most famous and most absurd mysteries and conspiracies concerning the world of music, in a style that determined the success of the previous “Rock is Dead” program. Among false stories, believable stories and stories that might also be true, a hallucinatory and unforgettable journey into the darkest and most paranoid side of music. – Paul McCartney and the famous mystery Paul is dead Debbie Harry kidnapped by serial killer Ted Bundy? – Kissed by a thousand urban legends from the most badass rock band – Massive Attack and bonded with the enigmatic Banksy – Did Britney Spears ever work for the US government? – Rightly said Fred from dance paladins to spreaders of conspiracies no.vax – Ice Land, whose leader attacks the American capital – Was Frank Sinatra really a mafioso? – How did Crassus create a diplomatic crisis between the US and Britain? Did Charles Manson really work for the CIA? – How did the story come about that Amanda Lear was actually born a man? What is the cause of Chris Cornell’s death? Chester Bennington and DJ Avicii? And many others…


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