“My best friend’s wedding”: comedy for all time

On kilograms movie available my best friend’s weddingdirector PJ HoganDirector mental. The film is a timeless work that, despite approaching its thirties, manages to make an impact through the simplicity of the plot, the creation of the characters, and the interpretation of the actors. WITH Julia Roberts undisputed hero, Cameron Diaz AND Dermot Mulroney who hold the stage very well and Rupert Everett who dedicates himself as an actor with undeniable qualities.

my best friend’s wedding was produced Photos TriStar and from Zucker Brothers Productions. The work was distributed Columbia TriStar Films Italy. The film plays with the emotions of the characters, confirming the concept that the lack of communication and self-expression with others only leads to a deviation from what is desired.


Julianne Potter is a 27 year old food critic based in New York. She receives a call from her old love, Michael, with whom she has been in close contact for the past nine years. Together they agreed that if they weren’t married at twenty-eight, they would go down the aisle together. A few weeks after Julianne turns twenty-eight, she learns over the phone that Michael is getting married in a few days.

He invites her to his party in Chicago. Julianne boards a plane and flies in with Michael for the sole purpose of ruining the marriage between him and Kimmy, a rich girl he has fallen in love with. Many guests remember the time when Julianne and Michael were together. She is one of the family. She knows more about Michael’s vices than Kimmy. The bride-to-be chooses her as her first bridesmaid: they have four days to become best friends.

In this way, Kimmy manages to have a direct confrontation with Julianne. He lets her know that he is watching her. Kimmy knows that for Michael, Julianne will always be on a pedestal. But it’s Kimmy who wants to be in his arms. From this moment the story begins: what is Julianna ready to go to push away future spouses and get closer to Michael?

My best friend’s wedding Julien and Kimmy

Julia Roberts, former actress in films such as pretty Woman AND Hook – Captain Hook, plays Julianne, a famous restaurant critic who cannot have a stable relationship with a man. He has only one reliable friend, George, his homosexual editor. Julianna remembers her twenty-eight year promise.

She is going to tell Michael over the phone that she wants to try again. But before she can touch on the subject, she discovers that he is getting married in a few days. She is destabilized: she wants to bring her dog home on a leash. Julianne is a lone wolf. A man who can’t afford to lose a challenge. A woman who must understand what she feels: love or fear of seeming defeated.

Cameron Diaz played by Kimmy, Julianne’s opposite. A little insecure and careless. The love she has for Michael is unconditional. To make enemy number one less dangerous, he entrusts her with the position of first bridesmaid. Kimmy knows that she will never be what Michael sees in Julianne. But the love of her future husband is enough for her to accept the desired life.

For Michael is also ready to intervene and ridicule. But when she does this while looking into his eyes, she can let go and appreciate herself a little more.

My best friend’s wedding Michael and George

Dermot Mulroney plays Michael, a sportscaster. Feel a certain detachment from Kimmy, despite the approach of the wedding day: in the short love story that led them to the wedding, they never had their own song. It turns out that he is jealous of Julianne, possibly because he still loves her. But he knows that displays of affection, gestures or words between him and Kimmy never existed between him and Julianne.

Rupert Everett plays George, a gay publisher who is Julianne’s only advisor. Their friendship is so strong and immediately appears without a second thought, precisely because he is not looking for a woman. But he is ready to help Julianne. He is the most honest character in the entire film.

The mouth of truth, a voice very reminiscent of Jiminy Cricket’s voice. Pinocchio. But definitely more out of the box and fun.


Some films manage to balance on the edge between comedy and musical. my best friend’s wedding it’s not a musical. But it has high class moments where some of the songs manage to capture the relationship between the characters and show their innermost soul. Composer James Newton Howard received a film nomination Academy Award for the best soundtrack.

One scene in particular stands out: many characters are standing in front of a table, and some of them make their first acquaintance. That’s where it comes into play Rupert Everett sing a song I’m talking Little PlayerIn execution Diana King. Further, all the characters form a chorus full of different emotions and sensations.

Comedy made history

This film is one of those comedies that have gone down in history. The plot is often considered too simple for modern times. But still very effective. The heart of the film is the cast. And it is thanks to its heartbeat that opera manages to stay alive and entertain young and old alike.

my best friend’s wedding it contains a specific meaning that is offered to the viewer: in order to avoid the worst consequences, one must seize the moment and grab one’s chance.

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