“My dream is to go on stage in Sanremo like Al Bano’s father”

This dream come true” what from Jasmine Karizi: in October, in fact, the first album of the daughter Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso who long ago decided to father’s road: “On the one hand, dad certainly helped me, because he gave me visibility,” Jasmine admits in an interview with Adnkronos, “on the other hand, he made it difficult for me to create my own personality. I want to be known for who I am, not just Al Bano’s daughter.” Jasmine’s passion for music was born after her father “around concerts,” explains the 22-year-old, “I followed him along with my brother, he took us along very often.” Another big inspiration for Jasmine was some overseas pop stars like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande which, he explains, are “closer to the kind of music I love”. Decided to become a singer, daughter of Al Bano and della Lecciso, who also made her debut as an actress in the historical American soap opera. ‘Beautiful’ where she plays the role of a model in the Forrester Creation fashion show organized in Rome, she adds: “I do not exclude anything in life, I had a lot of fun on the set, but being an actress is not my calling. : I want to sing ” And think big: “My dream is to go to Sanremoto enter the stage where even the Pope has been so many times and to which all Italian singers aspire.”

In an interview recently published by Adnkronos, Al Bano reiterated that he was suffering from “acute sanremit” revealing that he wants to return as a singer in the competition on the Ariston stage: “I’m rooting for him,” Jasmine says, “I would love to see him again in San Remo.” Jasmine Carrisi will debut as a singer in 2019 with her. first single “Ego”then comes “Calamite”, “Nessuno mai” in a duet with his father Al Bano and featuring Clementino and finally ‘love melancholy’, the latter was criticized by many of the young singer’s followers because of the video in which she depicts how she cuts open the chest of a giant bear with a knife: “I don’t see anything scandalous in this, the video tells about a girl who, due to disappointment in love, to let off steam, takes a plush toy and pierces it to pour out all his anger. When did your father first find out that you could sing? “It was 2013,” he says, “I recorded an album forcover in English while I took piano lessons and played it for my dad, who was pleasantly surprised because he didn’t know that I sang and spoke English. I am a very private person, and before I make a project and reveal it, I need some time. One of these covers was included on one of his albums (Al Bano, ed.), but the song didn’t reflect my musical profile, so I decided to record a single that would be closer to my pop nature.”

Did Al Bano support you in his choice to become a singer? “Yes,” the daughter replies, “even if in the beginning both he and my mother (Loredana Lecciso, ed.) rightly urged me to finish my studies.” And about the relationship with her parents, Jasmine continues: in a different way: I like the father mentality based on “problem solving”, his humility and acceptance towards all, I like mom’s culture, this is a woman who has learned a lot, and her attention and accuracy in business”. Jasmine, who is very active on social media with over 217,000 followers on TikTok, recently decided to “clean up” her Instagram profile, which had over 118,000 followers, “to bring it closer to my image as an artist who makes music, rather than an influential person,” he explains. Always at the center of gossip due to her “extended” family (Al Bano had two children with Loredana and four with Romina Power), Jasmine admits: “Gossip about my family bothered me a little, but I understand that the media is also interested in life deprived of my parents. and by now I’m used to it”. What is your relationship with Roman’s children? “I have a different relationship with each brother,” he admits, “with different ages and living in different cities, we are not all in constant contact, but we love each other.” What about Romina?I don’t have a relationship with herit’s okay, because she’s my father’s ex-wife. We say goodbye and all” concludes Jasmine.

(from Alice Toaff)

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