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Last week, my husband started screaming and screaming and then vomiting a lot of blood. This was very shocking and made me wonder if this was something serious. Afterwards, he seemed to feel better, but I was still worried and wondering what was causing him to vomit so much.

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Mouth bleeding can be a sign of a variety of conditions, some of which can be serious or even life-threatening. Your husband may have ruptured a blood vessel in his throat or suffered an injury to his mouth or throat from yelling. He may also have an underlying condition that requires diagnosis and treatment. It’s also important to know if he drank alcohol before yelling? Sounds like gastritis but he may have torn a blood vessel and you should get it checked out as you will need to describe the color of the blood and what it usually looks like. You need to get your husband to tell the doctor exactly what happened. In this case, it is important not to delay seeking medical attention. Contact your healthcare provider or go to the nearest emergency room as soon as possible.

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