“My life could have turned out completely different”

Jennifer Lawrence, who rose to fame thanks to the Hunger Games saga, could be the face of another famous franchise, as she herself revealed during a recent interview.

Jennifer Lawrence – currently in Italian cinemas with the comedy girlfriend for rent – Katniss Everdeen became a Hollywood star thanks to her role in the young adult saga hunger games, However, his career could have taken a completely different turn and certainly could have started in an unexpected way. Young Actress, Podcast Host replayable itemsshe admitted to actually being auditioned for role in another cult franchise of the early 2000s, twilightBut not getting the desired results.

Twilight – What if Jennifer Lawrence replaced Kristen Stewart?

twilight It has also become a cult saga of the 2000s thanks to the iconic hero pairing formed by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. as revealed by Jennifer LawrenceHowever, things could have been different. real actress He was unaware of the role he auditioned for, but it is likely that it was Bella Swan’s role. Aware of the success a few years later, Lawrence did not regret much for the missed opportunity:

i auditioned for twilight And he immediately rejected me. I didn’t even get a call back. However, my life would have been completely different. i was chosen for hunger games A year later (…) when you audition and you’re an ordinary actor, all you get are five pages that say something like “be a monkey”. I thought “Damn”.

The actress always during the interview given for the podcast replayable objectshe later revealed failing another attempt during that time, However, in that case, the rejection devastated her,

The only time I’ve been disappointed about failing an audition – most of the time you just think about moving on – was Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton.

However, if she did get the role, Jennifer Lawrence would not be able to participate in the saga. hunger games, with unexpected consequences for his career. Luckily for us viewers, Kristen Stewart, Mia Wasikowska And Lawrence herself has found the part best suited for her, clearing the beginning of a path already full of satisfaction. Lawrence, after a journey of big blockbusters and independent films, landed in comedy as a full-fledged hero. girlfriend for rent, So we just have to go to the cinema.

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