“My new Miranda. sex and the City? She was not such a feminist after all. vanity fair italy

when last year cynthia nixon is back in the fold sex and the City For **and just like that ** (Streaming on Sky and now) was excited about the new possibilities opening up for Miranda. after getting rid of dying marriage and have abandoned the stable career of corporate lawyerNixon’s character has started a new relationship what diaz ,Sarah Ramirez, non-binary podcaster, comedian and character of course controversial, At the start of the second season, Miranda, the most eccentric and freshman of the original quartet, gives up her dream internship to take flight. los angeles was busy filming a pilot for a sitcom titled Together with Che What’s up, so miranda becomes alice in wonderland queersearch the archive of strap on Declaring himself excited about Che and about being “a new person, the best one ever”.

“She’s gone down the rabbit hole,” Nixon laughs fondly by phone from his New York home. “It’s what happens when you start a relationship and everything feels new, the possibilities seem endless. The moments of difficulty are yet to come.

Nixon, on the other hand, has already experienced those moments, for example when she ran governor of new york In 2018. Some of the criticism leveled at the series (and her character) took her by surprise. He wonders where so many people’s annoyance with Che comes from and why Miranda’s more open-mindedness and cultural sensitivity has caused viewers discomfort and tells us what he thinks of the fleeting return samantha jones ,Kim Cattrall,

and just like that Picking up where Season 1 left off, Miranda begins a new life. How does his transformation unfold this season?
“We get to different points in our lives, we take a turn and suddenly everything feels great. We all know it won’t last. But I think Miranda is in love. She came out of a marriage that was slowly draining her and after working for years in a big corporate law firm, she embarked on a new path to try to put her skills at the service of those in need. Stepped up He enjoys the excitement of California, has no commitments and lives with his mistress who is starting a television series.’

Miranda has always been eccentric. I imagine this quality of his will resurface at some point.
“While on the phone explaining to Carrie how he broke up with Steve, he says, ‘I’m in a rom-com, Carrie!’ Miranda never saw herself like this. She never imagined that this could be her fate, especially not at such a late stage in her life.” He laughs.

Poor Steve is in a different kind of movie now.
“Yes this is true”.

It’s always been talked about a lot sex and the City Was on the air: It was a feminist series, the characters were over or not sexual enough… Were you ever surprised by some of the criticism Miranda received last season?
“I don’t follow that sort of thing, but I got the gist of it based on what journalists were telling me. And, I admit, I was really surprised. I think well intentioned white women have a lot to learn. Maybe not just her, but I’m thinking of her and I sincerely believe that there are white women who have watched the show and thought Miranda was smarter, more smart, more evolved, more advanced, better, You know, how it was introduced. Because if he’s not, then I’m not either. I think that’s the problem.”

People took those criticisms to be aimed at him.
“Already. If Miranda says embarrassing things, maybe I’m a little more stupid than I think. But really we’re all stupid and Miranda is the kind of person who always started spearing and then went back to repair the damage.” So her choice makes perfect sense, it responds to her desire to become more – for lack of a better word – pickingMore sensitive to the world around him, which he has neglected until now.

Yes, we are all fools.
“For me, that’s always been the beauty of the original series, hasn’t it? Carrie smokes too much, spends too much money on shoes and dates the wrong man; Charlotte wanders around not really knowing what she wants from life. Miranda, for her part, is so focused on her career that she’s a bit of a bitch. The point is that the public wants to follow these women and empathize and identify with them, share their aspirations. He wants to see them with all their flaws, their shortcomings and their errors.

When sex and the City It was aired for the first time, it was new, there was nothing like it. The criticisms made in the series also influenced her as an arbiter of female pop culture.
“Initially it was very uncomfortable to see women who had so much sex with so many different men and who talked about it calmly and with a lot of practicality. He shared intimate details without sentimentality and without showing any emotional vulnerability. Yet we liked him, admired him, identified with him. It’s the dichotomy between a virgin and a whore: You can’t be a good girl and have lots of sex and be obsessed with all the evil in this world, right? People who watched the series struggled to reconcile the various aspects. And I think the idea of ​​those women having too much sex or wearing provocative clothes was somehow not feminist. let me explain…

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