my Prince Charles? A loving man with an epic life

Dominic West arrived at the Filming Italy Sardegna festival to take on the challenge of playing Prince Charles in the fifth and sixth seasons of The Crown. The actor tells us about his approach to the character and the challenges the role poses for him.

We are very glad to meet you, Al. Filming a festival in Italy, Sardinia.already in the sixth edition, Dominic WestEnglish actor who was entrusted with the role Prince Charles (Now King Charles III) in the series Crownwritten by the sublime Peter Morgan. West He plays the Queen’s eldest son. Elizabeth in the fifth, sixth and final seasons and took over the baton from Josh O’Connor. He arrived at Forte Village ahead of a group of journalists invited Titian Rocca and he made us laugh by telling us that he got lost among the endless paths of the resort and took someone else’s bike to follow him. Dennis Quaid to the reception.

During the interview, the actor appears in a blue shirt and with a tanned face. He smiles and begins by talking about the press’s reaction to his interpretation. Prince Charles: “I lay in bed for two days reading reviews of the fifth season of the series. Crown, and I didn’t get up for the next 24 hours because most of the critics wrote that I wasn’t right for the role. They weren’t wrong because I’m nothing like Charles of Englandand I also talked about this with the screenwriter Peter Morgan, to which I said: “I think you chose the wrong man.” He replied: ‘Crown this is not an imitation of reality, but an interpretation of it,” and that’s when I realized that I could make this role my own. I love my character, his values ​​and what he stood for in life, and I think there’s something epic about his life. It was a lot of fun to focus on that, so I don’t care what was said or written about my performance.”

Dominic West He then tells us why so many people objected to this. Crownas if it were a documentary rather than a fictional series: “The Royal Family is constantly at the center of books, films, TV series and miniseries, especially Princess.” Dianaand the reason why we talk about it so often Crown this is his authenticity. There is a whole department that studies, reads, documents, and therefore makes sure that the sets, costumes and props correspond to reality, and it is for this reason that they are quite expensive. These are details that contribute to creating an impression of truth in the viewer, and if this truth is absent, then themes that Crown deals will lose their attractiveness, because the series tells about the everyday life not of ordinary people, but of kings and queens. It is realism and attention to detail that allows us to feel closer to the characters and enter into their personal lives.

TO Dominic West thankless task of interpretation Prince Charles at one of the most difficult moments of his life, when his marriage was coming to an end and public opinion was largely on his side Diana Spencer: “The last two seasons Crown they mostly talk about Lady Diana– two of the most controversial and dramatic seasons of the series, and they were difficult to film because many people defend Diana and her inheritance, and the English were divided among those who supported the divorce between her and Carlo and those who found it objectionable. However, because it’s set in the recent past, a lot of people remember it very well, so we had to really work hard, also because it was important to us to do the series well and do it justice. Diana. I suppose that Peter Morgan always tried to behave respectfully and remain Super party. Her starting point was the question: how could it happen that the grandest wedding in history, as well as the most romantic and fairytale, ended in a courtroom? I think this is a great dramatic premise to explore the reasons why the union collapsed and then the death that followed Dianaanother very sad moment for England.”

We ask West Have recent events surrounding the English royal family prompted significant changes to the script for the series’ sixth season? Crown: “A lot of things actually happened during the filming of season six. Carlo he became king, of which we were not sure. After this, the prince’s book was published Harrybut it was interesting because I shot quite a few scenes with my son, who didn’t act Harry But Williamin which the love that bound us was evident, while Harry in the book he wrote that his father never hugged his children. I recently did a scene where I tell him that his mother died, and we did it very differently than how Harry he remembers it, but we haven’t changed it. Crownafter all, this is not a documentary, but fiction, but perhaps a book too Harry This is a fiction.”

Obviously King Charles III he is and was a very complex person. Approaching him, Dominic West he tried to concentrate and highlight first of all one characteristic of the sovereign of England: “I met Carlo once or twice, and all the people I knew who met him – and I assure you that he met many more people than his mother – spoke to me about him, emphasizing his humanity, that he was affectionate and a caring person, in many humble situations. I wanted to insist on this Crown. I also wanted him to be seen as a loving father, and that was important to me because we have a habit of portraying him as a cold person and a distant father.”

Name West it is connected to two other very important series, both American. let `s talk about The wire AND Case. In the second, the actor plays the role of the author of a novel who cheats on his wife: “Noah Solloway He’s an amazing writer, but I had a hard time playing him because he did so many things that I didn’t understand. I never understood why he left his wife and children for a crazy girl, so it was not easy to empathize with him. But it was fun to play because everyone has an opinion and a strong opinion about adultery, and I met quite a few people who opened up to me and said, “It happened to me too. so even then there was a lot of emotional material to work with.”

Following the meeting with the press Dominic West tells us that we will see him soon in Monstrous beautyfilm script and direction Romola Garai and centers on a woman who was born completely covered in hair. We’re in 1600 and an actor is playing a role. Charles II of England. After that West talks about his only professional regret: “I regret not doing enough work Shakespeare in the theatre. Now I’m at an age that doesn’t allow me to play certain roles, Hamlet For example. I actually was Hamlet at 17, but I equally regret not doing enough comedies and tragedies. William Shakespeare“.

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