My review of Hijack on AppleTV+

Hijack poster
Hijack poster

Filming began in May 2022 and wrapped up 7 months later. HiJack – 7 hours at high altitude has its main character Idris Elba, which can be seen in many blockbusters, from Thor to Pacific Rim. Elba also served as an executive producer.

Written by George Kay and directed by Jim Field Smith. It was uploaded to Apple TV+ on June 28th.

The series consists of one season consisting of 7 episodes. In practice, this is the perfect series for those who want to start something that won’t take long to finish the story. If you watch one episode a day, it will take you exactly a week.

The plot of the film “Hijack”

Hijack is Italian for hijacking. Indeed we are on board Flight KA29 Kingdom Airlines. This airline really exists and belongs to the Saudi holding of Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abd al-Aziz.

There are more than 200 people on the Dubai-London flight, including Sam Nelson (actor Idris Elba). Sam is an experienced negotiator who travels the world as a consultant.

Harry Michell and Idris Elba
Harry Michell and Idris Elba

One day, Sam decides to travel to London to visit his family, from whom he is legally separated. However, the flight was hijacked. A group of terrorists convinced the captain to leave the cockpit, taking control of it.

They will continue to fly to London, but will make demands, threatening to gradually kill passengers. These include the release of two prisoners: two dangerous terrorists.

The series branches into many unexpected twists and turns.

My impressions of Hyjack

I found this well done series. I must admit that before I started, I had some prejudices. I imagined the presence of Idris Elba as a sign of Americana. Those same Mission: Impossible series where there are people who jump from planes and don’t even get a scratch.

I was afraid of the Pygmalion effect. Showing Elba as a sex symbol at all costs, however, I also saw an older one. His playing was very good, without overdoing it. I changed my mind too early.

The plot is well articulated. A great twist choice before the end of each series. Factor did a really good job of convincing you to polish up on the next episode immediately. In fact, I saw it all in a short time.

Jude Cajo and Christine Adams
Jude Cajo and Christine Adams

THAT turns they are well located. The viewer is glued to the screen thanks to well-constructed characters, well-crafted passages and no exaggeration with unnecessary preambles. The decision to limit it to seven episodes instead of continuing for another ten episodes, unnecessarily lengthening the story, was excellent.

Knowing, start watching knowing that at the end of episode 7 every secret will be revealed, the story will be completed, the viewer is in a good mood. Calm down.

I have to admit that the only thing that annoys me is that it’s on its own. forcing at the finish line, where the scene is forcibly added. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you about it, otherwise I would have to ruin the end for you. If you watch it, you will probably understand what I mean. When it seemed that everything was over, the screenwriter inexplicably added a useless backlash.

All in all, this is a good series. Thriller. Must visit but avoid if you are flying in.

Hijack reception

On RottenTomatoes, the series received 88% of the votes.

If you’re looking for a smart thriller, The Hijack will get you exactly where you want it in time.

Hijack is successful in many ways because it gracefully sidesteps clichés.

HIJACK’s script is sleek, streamlined, beautifully filmed, acted and entertaining. The casting is perfect and every actor who appears on screen melts into the character they are playing and it felt like I was watching real people having a real experience.

As expected, there are no plans for a second season.


Hijack on Apple TV+ is an experience that demonstrates the art of good storytelling. The series, led by the charismatic Idris Elba, will take you on a journey full of tension and unexpected twists.

Despite some suspense in the ending, its fast pace and streamlined structure make it a must-have for fans of the thriller genre. The decision to limit ourselves to 7 episodes allowed us to tell the full story without any dilution.

Critics praised it highly, and the quality of work is evidenced by 88% on RottenTomatoes. If you are looking for an intense and exciting experience to see in a week, Hijack might be your next stop.

My review of Hijack on AppleTV+
Harry Michell and Idris Elba

Jim Field Smith

Date of creation:
2023-06-28 20:38

Editorial rating


  • Idris Elba is the main character
  • Well developed plot and unexpected twists
  • Limited to 7 batches, no stock extension.
  • 88% favorites on RottenTomatoes


  • Forced to finish
  • Not suitable for those who want TV series during the flight

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