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My Summer Car PC Game Download Full Version

My Summer Car is one of the most interesting simulator games. The name indicates a simulator related to the car and it is in fact, but it is wrong if you think that it is only about driving a car and perfect reproduction of the driving conditions of a vehicle and a perfect representation of its appearance. There are quite a few such games – better and worse – and probably every player is able to name at least a few titles. My Summer Car Simulator what’s more than a good car driving simulator, it is also, and basically above all, a car repair simulator. A game that may interest not only car repair enthusiasts, because there are many more possibilities than those who see this title for the first time may think. Do you want to check it out? Click My Summer Car download, download the game and start playing.

My Summer Car PC Game Download Full Version

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The plot of the game is not only about the garage and car repair, it is much more complex. Our playing field is Finland. We are moving to Finland in the nineties. We are a sports car lover, a bit of the old type and we have a sports car in front of us that we need to renovate. In addition to the car, we also have a tractor and a van. These vehicles will help us a lot in traveling around the game field and transporting car parts that we will have to get and put on for our refurbished vehicle. What’s very important, getting a part is not a trivial matter of going to a parts store and buying the right one, there has to be a lot more effort. Very often we just have to open a catalog with car parts, find the one we need, order it, and then wait for the shipment, in the meantime – for example – refurbish other parts of the vehicle. Tools are the key.

The creators of the game focused on great realism. In order to tighten the proverbial screw, you need to find and use the correct wrench, otherwise it is simply impossible. When it comes to renovating and equipping a car, we can do whatever we want. There is no specific way to overhaul a vehicle, and there are no specific tasks to be performed. Nothing prevents you from going to the forest with a car that is not finished, taking a ride, having a beer earlier, or checking it on a specific road. If we decide to do so, we must remember to avoid damaging the vehicle. If we damage it, repair may start over. During the repair and tuning of the vehicle, it is worth remembering about the correct order of assembling our vehicle or its individual elements. This is very important, otherwise we may have trouble with

Game trailer – My Summer Car

The game focuses on realism, even in the smallest details. In the background we will hear the sounds of the forest or other natural sounds, not selected music. It also builds the specific atmosphere of the game. Worth the download. Download My Summer Car and see that car repair and tuning is not as easy as it may seem. Here you have a chance to prove yourself as a car mechanic and a person improving the performance of your car. Importantly, the creators of the game give you complete freedom. It does not matter whether you choose a nicer vehicle look, better performance or just install a good sound system in it. This is your car and you decide. Before you start overhauling a real vehicle, test yourself in a simulator that you can have with just one click. Click My Summer Car download, download, repair and change your car, and when you manage to finish the job, hit the road.

My Summer Car PC Game Download Full Version

My Summer Car download

Download Now

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