Nabilla in tears … Nothing is going well with her husband Thomas


On her Snapchat account, Nabilla, very moved, confides in her relationship with Thomas …

Nabilla and Thomas Vergara met during the filming of the Angels of reality TV. Love, at first sight, has never ended since 2013. Following this magical meeting, the couple has increased the number of TV shows, many of which are devoted solely to their personal lives. But for several years now, the couple has decided to stop reality TV for good and to focus on their professional and personal projects off camera.

Yet, on social media, they share every detail of their life. Very moved, Nabilla confided in the love of her life, facing the camera, on her Snapchat account. “I have always been straight, he has always been straight, ” she insists. “ We had our little worries like all couples. We’re not the goalie couple. We’re just a couple who love each other and want to move forward together. And when there is the love I can swear to you that whatever happens in your relationship, you will overcome everything. Obviously, I am moved. Everyone knows that there are ups and downs in a relationship, the main thing is not to get dirty, to respect your family, to remain upright, faithful and above all to love each other ,

She then ends with these words … ” My husband and I know that even when we had nothing and we were at the bottom of the hole, we have always been united. We had a lot of worries, problems, things that people don’t know, and we’ve never let go. We’re an indestructible team. “

A statement that should please Thomas!