Nabilla sexy skimpy bikini : you unveiled in new forms, in a pool of your dreams : LIKES women of today


Is 28 years, Nabilla met a young mother since the arrival of his son, Milann. Currently in Dubai, it’s luck shines, surrounded by his family. The beautiful shares his life with his fans and posts regular photos of himself or his family on his account Instagram. The last ? A photo where the starlet posing in a bathing suit, two-room-apartment in a dream setting : she is in the pool, a rooftop in one of the most beautiful hotels of Dubai.
Nabilla appears cheerful and smiling in a underwire bikini with print geometric canon the chest lifts and juicy. Below is a panties with a high ultra-canon,, the sublime, the slim waist of the young woman. The beautiful Nabilla is not the first to look sexy in a bathing suit. In fact, she had the feeling of being in a swimsuit is a piece of ultra-neckline is black with ruffles at the time of his trip to the Maldives, her husband Thomas Vergara has prepared him for his birthday. She had also written a cliché, on the she poses in a bikini, like string very tight the young woman has a perfect body and dares to show it.

Nabilla crazy in swimsuit sexy : a cliché to success

Nabilla more 5 million subscribers on Instagram. A community of fans, the love of his travels and his personal development. His fans are also very active with comments to his photos : “How wonderful this girl “, “Beautiful”, “The most beautiful”... The comments, the compliments are numerous. The community of Nabilla, and has already loved, more than 250,000 times his photo. Nabilla is super !

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