Nabilla soon in the street? She calls for justice!


Nabilla might have to suddenly leave her rental apartment, find out why …

Nabilla soon forced to pack up and leave her home? Here is the improbable situation which could occur in the next days … Currently, Nabilla and Thomas are staying in an apartment with their son Milann and, while waiting for the completion of the fitting out of their house in Dubai. A consequence of this temporary move: the small family had to place their adorable dog Pita in a center for pets. Indeed, their temporary rental obviously does not tolerate pets …

Only here, if she accepted it at the beginning, the one who recently took the direction of Ukraine to make a makeover begins to see red. So that Nabilla has recently recovered her dog breaking the rules: ” Look who it is who came home!  My baby, I missed you too much !”, She rejoiced on Snapchat. The 28-year-old bomb revealed in “Love is blind” then spilled over into the somewhat complex situation: “As I had explained to you, in fact, at the beginning they told us “There is no concern for the animals”, and, a few months later, there is a new rule which is passed and animals were prohibited. . So basically, they made us put our Pita outside otherwise we would all have to leave the place and end up somewhere in the hotel… it was complicated. 

But now, Nabilla is no longer joking and even intends to appeal to justice to settle this case: “I have initiated a small lawsuit against this rule and we will see what happens”, she blurted out. With Nabilla, let’s face it, it’s “Hands off my dog”!