Nabilla ultra-sexy : she reveals the back in a bikini to crenate (oulala !) : LIKES women of today


More and more sexy. More and more mini ! Every day, Nabilla spoiled his fans with a series of clichés sulphur dioxide. Very happy again with his silhouette of a dream, only a few months after the birth of your little Milann, the it girl don’t hesitate to show off your curves in short outfits and olélé. Whether under the sun of Dubai or on the beach in the Maldives, the brunette of the swimsuits dares step does not occur, the hide, absolutely nothing of his strengths.

Unthinkable for the wife of Thomas Vergara to fly in South Africa, without adding a lot of swimwears in his suitcase. After arrival in Camps Bay to thread the 28-year-old woman, she slipped her mini swimwear for to enjoy the pool and the sun, flamboyant. After he literally fire on the canvas python-neckline, in a dizzying height posing in one piece, the former reality starlet has opted for a model, everything is so caliente.

Before and between the sockets on the movie sets of the broadcast Love Islandthe presenter, Nabilla is, granted a little break. In an idyllic setting, where the swimming pool offers a beautiful direct view of a setting sun, the business woman the pose in front of the goal from his favorite. Back slightly arched and her long hair curled like a naiad, Nabilla revealed shamelessly nicked your plastic in a perfect swimsuit to very.

Nabilla ignites the screen in a two-room pest

It was blue, turquoise, black, or peas, Nabilla has only one currency, the Jersey is perfect. This simply needs to be sexy ! This time she threw her attention to a bikini-terracota. A color, gold plated sublime wonders of his tan already. But it is not so, what is the choice of the color, the attention of his followers followers.

Sitting on the edge of the pool, the young mama will be highlighting a po arched nicely, in a lower-high waist. A model of the cut, such as shorty, draws, sculpts your ass. For the above, the beautiful also the card of the sulphur dioxide played. In a vest, ultra-affectionate, Nabilla had to guess, the curves of her generous chest. A true sexy mama !

It took no more seduce the 5.5 million subscribers. The latter are not shown, you compliments for your bimbo preferred. “Bomb”, “You’re really beautiful”, “Dazzling”, “Waouhhhh what a goddess !”. The users of save your energy, and your laptop battery), Nabilla not finished, we are free !

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