Nabilla worries about her son: she makes him make an important promise!


Mother of a little Milann, aged one and a half, Nabilla has big plans for him … but especially not on Tik Tok!

” It’s been 8 years that we love each other more than anything , we have built our life together and founded our family”. This is the tender message that Nabilla shared this week for her birthday with Thomas. Since they met on the set of Angels, the two reality stars have been through it all. Now settled in Dubai, they both take care of the education of their son, Milan.

Even before his birth, his mother explained to Paris Match that she even intended to be transparent about the dark affair of the stabbing to Thomas, who took him behind bars …

Strict upbringing

About his passage through the prison box, she assured: ” We will use this drama to prove to him that he has strong parents, who have faced all the trials. And when everything seems insurmountable to him, we will say to him: ‘ If we succeeded, you can also succeed ‘. “

And this January 16, in this sense, Nabilla made her son, aged one and a half, promise that she would never use the favorite social network of adolescents. As the little boy greeted his dog, Jack Russel named Pita, shouting “Titaaaa, Titaaaa, Titaaaa”, the 28-year-old star asked him: “Milann, you promise mum you’ll never go on Tik Tok”. Here is at least one good thing settled!