Nacho Fernández heads a ranking that generates pride in River

Since the arrival of Marcelo gallardo, River recovered the international mystique and play the Libertadores Cup it became a nice habit. In addition to winning the 2015 edition, which ended a 19-year streak without being able to conquer America, As of 2017 he always managed to finish, at least, among the eight best teams on the continent. And the ranking that Conmebol put together that leads Ignacio Fernandez It reflects the stamp that the CARP has been leaving in the contest.

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That year he was eliminated in semis vs. Lanús; He raised it again in 2018; in 2019 he fell in the final with Flamengo; in 2020 he could not beat Palmeiras in the semifinals and in the last edition he lost in the quarterfinals against Atlético Mineiro. So it is not surprising that among the players who played the most games in the Libertadores in the last five years there are several players who are or have passed through Núñez.

Those who played the most games in the Cup in the last five years.

Those who played the most games in the Cup in the last five years.

The first place goes to Nacho, with 56 games played. In this case, it is worth clarifying that the sum includes the 46 games that he added with River and the 10 that he played in Atlético Mineiro in the last year. From behind appears Weverton (53), historical goalkeeper of Palmeiras two-time champion of America, and the podium is completed by Franco Armani, with 51 games.

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The top five completes it Gonzalo Montiel (45), today right back of Sevilla of Spain, and the fifth place is shared Enzo Perez (44) and Esteban Andrada, Boca’s substitute goalkeeper. Upon seeing the publication, River fans took over the comments and expressed their pride and satisfaction at seeing those historical surnames, which only reflect that fighting the Libertadores has already become a healthy habit in recent years.

Conmebol 2022 Ranking: River first and Boca third

The start of this year’s international cups is getting closer and closer and Conmebol released the ranking of clubs that it will use to make up the bolilleros of the draws for the group stage of the Libertadores 2022, as well as for the previous instances of Repechage. The same scoring system, which has River in first place, will work for the South American.

The top ten of the Conmebol 2022 ranking.

The top ten of the Conmebol 2022 ranking.

With 10,275.2 points, almost two thousand more than Palmeiras, champion of the last two Libertadores, Marcelo Gallardo’s team is at the top of the ranking. The podium completes it Mouth, third with 8,272.8, and among the top ten also appears Independent (4,295.1), who will play the Copa Sudamericana.

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And the other Argentines who play Libertadores? Velez is in 33rd place (2,279.4 points) and follows it Students (2,173.4), which will start in Phase 2 of the Repechage. Colon is 64 ° (785) and Workshops 105 ° (240). The 47 teams that will play the most important Cup on the continent have already been defined.

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