Nadia Larcher moved the country and was a trend on social networks

The Andalusian singer, Nadia Larcher, who is currently based in Buenos Aires, participated in the event held at the Kirchner Cultural Center for the 70 years of León Gieco.

It was a night full of emotions not only for the singer-songwriter, but also for those who paid tribute to him. For her part, Nadia moved both the public of the place and those who were watching the broadcast from their homes.

In a context marked by police and institutional violence such as the one we are experiencing in the country, after the murder of Lucas González by police from the City of Buenos Aires; The singer from Catamarca performed “El Ángel de la Bicicleta”, one of León’s most iconic –and unfortunately current- works.

Before Nadia’s electrifying performance, León Gieco recalled that “El Ángel de la Bicicleta” is a tribute to Claudio “Pocho” Lepratti, a young man from Santa Fe who was also a victim of an easy trigger, while working with children’s kitchens during the 2001 crisis.

The show that the Andalgalense offered strongly moved the spectators, who quickly manifested it on social networks and not only the event but also the request for justice became a trend.

Watch the video of the show:

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