Nail trends 2023: how to copy manicure in a video

you don’t know that manicure To choose from for the summer months? The trends are many: from nude As far as 3d, going through pastel colors, vintage ones and color blocks. There’s also a touch of neon and fiery orange sunset nailsInspired by California sunsets. Take inspiration from the stars’ nails, there’s something here for every taste.

the pride of the naked

When in doubt, naked. Whether it’s “camouflage” and the same color or nearly as our natural nails or whether it goes the opposite, from pink to beige to translucent milky you really can’t go wrong. Miriam Lyons, who chose nude for the Bulgari event in Rome, and Vanessa Hudgens, who paired her dark dress with very natural nails for the premiere of the film downtown owlat the Tribeca Film Festival.

The Versatility of Color Blocks

My Vanessa HudgensHowever, always experiment, not being loyal to any specific trend, but ranging. She wore long nails at the Oscars a few months ago color blockblack and white.

bursts of color

Rosalia doesn’t like this, and she decides to exaggerate. Her nails are long, pointed and an intense shade of red with a vintage feel. There is no shortage of glitter. As fashion dictates. While Chiara Ferragni proves to be ahead of her time, and combines nude, pastel colors and flames, Her nails, posted on social media, will be used as inspiration for her followers in the summer of 2023.

sunset at your fingertips

Eva Longoria also picks up the flames, sporting a manicure for the Hollywood premiere of the film she’s directing theme, film titled flamin’ hot, it’s about spicy snacks (Frito Lay’s), and that was definitely an inspiration. As much as the sunset nail trend, which brings all shades of red and orange to our hands.

And there’s more: 3D Nails

The queens of excess Lizzo and Elettra Lamborghini let us discover the trend of nails in rich relief, or 3D, of beads, rhinestones and any small plastic object. Silver and precious for the American pop star, playful, too long and fluorescent for the local singer. All that remains is to sharpen your claws and choose which one will be yours. summer manicure 2023!

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