Nails: Polly Pocket Nails, Mattel doll-inspired manicure

Polly Pocket Nails are straight back from the 2000s, fancy and trendy nails that pay homage to the aesthetics of Mattel’s mini dolls

bGood News for Nostalgic Hearts: The 2000s Aesthetic Y2K ready to (re)conquer World beauty, return of if barbie The wave of pastel colors and decor is already on the lips (and hearts) of most people. Imagination it ain’t gonna end, (Even) Mattel baby dolls have made a comeback, especially in the fingers: it’s ttrend polly pocket nails, A playful, trendy — and a little nostalgic — nail art that’s already gone viral TIC Toc

Polly Pocket Nails, the perfect fancy nails for summer

tints candy They are essential ingredients for awakening the most fickle part of the self. that’s why it’s trending Polly Pocket Nails: green light to cheer pastel shades rich in many cute little decorations Which makes you dream of a carefree childhood. There’s no right or wrong way to make them, as long as the end result is more enjoyable. pop he never

Amongst the favorite shades to achieve this style flawlessly, stand out Rose candy, lilac and Mint green. Soft and pastel colors for a more boyish result

A little fancy, a little boyish: Polly pocket nails are the trendy nails for summer 2023 (Photo via Pinterest)

among many TECHNIQUES Of nail art from whom to draw inspiration marble effect This seems to be the most popular for bringing out all the colors Polly Pocket Nails, Naturally also yes to the decorations: little hearts, glitter, stars and flowers give a playful and irreverent mood Y2K style, For best results in less time, prioritize Adhesive decorations, ready to use.

Sticker decorations for nails, this season’s essentials

it seems that i you decorate In stick In the wake of summer, these are the perfect allies to make your nails truly unique. Regardless of the shape (almond or square), personalizing your manicure has never been easier

will be enough self adhesive stickers of choice and one tweezers Enjoy alternating them for eyebrows or, why not, all over nails for a fanciful result, If you want to remove them – and make room for other decorations – just rub a cushion A cotton swab soaked in solvent is applied to the area to be treated. and voilaready to start playing again

All that is left is to immerse yourself in a sea of ​​colors and shades. Polly Pocket Nails add to many nail art All trendy things to try for summer

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